Brighter Days :)

Woke up this morning and did yoga a la Tara Stiles. Breakfast was quick as I had some errands to take care of. My best deal of the day was two giant bags of spinach for $2.39…buy one get one FREE! I just had Kashi’s Heart to Heart Blueberry Flake and Cluster Oat cereal.  Along with a banana, 2 Tbsp Fiber One and some So Delicious coconut milk. I need to make a more exciting breakfast lol. Usually when I do they are so good that I forget to take a picture. But no worries the weekend is approaching!

Next up was lunch when I came back from my errands. Now you know I was going to use that spinach in my lunch one way or another! I just love spinach. It’s great for salads and perfect to add to pasta sauce if you chop it in a food processor. Endless possibilities! So I decided to make some wraps. I had low-sodium wraps lying around and I threw in last night’s black beans, with a sprinkle of cheese and you betcha, spinach! I like to place the wrap on the skillet cook it a bit. Then I take it off and put all the ingredients, close the wrap and heat it some more. And voila, done! I added some Guiltless gourmet Tortilla Chips, no salt added. It really isn’t that great unsalted but I didn’t want the regular salted. What I did was spritz some olive oil spray on the chips and sprinkled some sea salt. I get to control my sodium intake which is great! It was very delicious and it filled me up nicely.

You might notice there is no meat in there right? Well I don’t really eat too much meat anyway but I was contemplating being a vegetarian since I rarely eat meat anyway. I don’t eat meat often because since I have digestive problems already, eating the meat makes it worse. I’ve been doing reasearch the past week, so we shall see. I signed up for a 28 Day Vegetarian Challenge on There is so much information on it and as to how to get all your “meat” nutrition. You should check it out, it’s pretty interesting. Calories logged for my meals below, Chao!


Breakfast: Calories: 145  Fiber: 7g

Lunch: Calories: 270  Fiber: 5.5g


2 thoughts on “Brighter Days :)

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