Beauty Inside and Out :)

I can’t believe that I forgot to mention that I won the Tone It Up beauty bag for one of the bikini body giveaways! I was super excited when I won because I’ve worked pretty hard and I think I deserve a little treat lol. I got the package in the mail yesterday and I was totally excited. When I opened the package I found this!

Upon further inspect after unzipping the bag, I found the four products TIU had placed in the beauty bag. There was a face lotion, lip stain, eye shadow and highlighter for perfect beach makeup. My favorite was the lip stain and the eyeshadow but I love the other two as well!

What’s the inner beauty about? Your health, of course. I thought I’d show you what my calorie days look like! This is just an idea of how I lay out my calories and what I eat. I had some fro-yo after dinner and it’s logged on the back. This was for work yesterday and as you can see the middle is more on the go meals. The number in parenthesis is the fiber intake for the meal. I always watch it because of my digestion issues. I make sure to get the right amount in to stay regular.

Calorie Total for the Day: 1670 (31g Fiber)


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