Living One Sweet Tooth At A Time

Today is day four of no calorie counting. I must say its going way better than the last time I tried. I guess that’s because I went into it cold turkey before. This time I had an open mind and thought of all the positives that would come out of me learning to eat “mindfully.”

I did my yoga in the morning for about 35 minutes. I tried a new Yoga Today segment and it was very good for getting out all the kinks in my body. I thought I would take a few pictures so you could see yoga a la porch. This is the whole overview of the porch. It looks really nice until you move up into the porch and see the parking lot lol.In a side plank pose…I also went to the supermarket today to pick up a few things as well as to prepare for the no meat week. I just like to have variety and I am going to be making a few new recipes too. Of course I had to get a little chocolate…hehe :] It was a dark milk chocolate and not something I would usually get but it was getting discontinued and half the pack is 170 calories and 7 grams fiber…whoa!The chocolate doesn’t end there. Earlier this week I got this new brand of chocolate called Theo. I wanted to try something different for a change and let me tell you it was very intense. You can really taste the difference in a chocolate when it is one of quality versus the “cheap” version. It was on sale at Whole Foods for $2.50. When it comes to dark chocolate, I look for the sales and if I like it, I’ll go back and grab a few more. I don’t like the eat the same brand of chocolate all the time so I tend to alternate. It’s like that with any food right?I love doing yoga in the morning. I feel so refreshed and ready to start my day. I also feel 99.9% more inclined to make a healthy food choice and I really love how it sets the tone for the day. Yoga is really the best thing I have ever found for my mind, body and soul.


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