The Cost of Healthy Living: Is It Really That Expensive?

I love Kashi products and their seven whole grain deliciousness. Their cereals, especially the new Kashi Golden Goodness, are a staple to most of my morning breakfasts. It’s no wonder that I landed on their website to look for recipe ideas using their products. I was reading an article with awesome tips on how stay well during the winter. Since I was going to have to prepare to embrace the New England winters again I though the article was fitting.

In the comment section someone posted that Kashi products were too expensive. At first I was very upset because it’s really not that expensive and I am also on an extremely fixed budget and I manage to buy Kashi products when they are on sale. But then I realzied…that use to be my mentality when it came to buying “healthier” products.

Let me give you an example; if Kashi was on sale for $2.99 for 6 cereal bars and Quaker was on sale for $1.99 for 10 bars, I would have bought the Quaker bars. But if you think about it, each Kashi bar is only .49 cents and is much better for you. It has fiber to keep you going and yummy whole grains. Quaker is getting better with their bars by making natural granola bars, but I still find Kashi to be the better choice.

This next example will lead me to my main point; milk. I’m lactose intolerant and milk tends to be cheaper than soymilk or almond milk. But think of it this way. Before I’ll buy the milk which is $1.79 versus $2.59 for soymilk for the same size, only .80 cents more. But then what? I’d have to spend $3.99 and up on lactase supplements just to feel better. In reality I just spent around $5.78 or more for the milk because I didn’t want to get the soymilk which would have cost $2.59 and no pills.

Eating healthier products is for the obvious; your health. It helps you save money on health care and medication. If you focus on eating a balanced diet, exercising, getting enough sleep and just taking overall better care of yourself, you won’t need to spend much money in the healthcare department. You’ll be more energetic, less sleepy, less stressed, etc. I use to have to take vitamins because I wasn’t getting enough from my old diet, but now I do and therefore don’t have to buy vitamins. I also found that eating a quality yogurt helps calm my heartburn and I don’t have to buy heartburn medication anymore, which was pretty expensive since mines is severe.

I can go on and on about this topic. Let’s just say that I save a lot of money in the health department by buying these seemingly “pricey” products. I don’t have to spend around $4.00 for lactase pills by buying soymilk, I don’t have to spend $15.00 on my heartburn medication and so forth. At least 19 extra bucks to my name.

Brown rice is only a few cents more than white rice. Last time I saw it was around .15 cents more for the mini size; .98 cents versus $1.13 cents. It’s really not that bad if you put it in perspective. I just bought a big bag of quinoa for $7.50 and it has 20 servings; that’s .37 cents per serving. It might seem expensive but when you break it down, it’s not. You are paying to live better and longer.

Short term you might think you’re not saving money but it the long run you will be much healthier and have less doctor visits and medical related bills. Getting plenty of rest and exercise and eating yummy nutritiously good for you food will have your body thanking you for living a healthy lifestyle.


8 thoughts on “The Cost of Healthy Living: Is It Really That Expensive?

  1. Well said! I agree with you completely. The cost of health care in this country is astronomical and if people put more effort into eating better then the benefits would be obvious. I think it’s worth it to spend a little more to eat things that are good for you.. and it’s possible to eat well on a budget!!

    • Thanks Jenna! It’s really all true. That;s why I give the small example about the lactose intolerance. Why should I “save” in the food department but spend more medically? It really is possible to eat well on a budget you just have to take a few extra seconds to calculate your savings and so forth. I use to tell my clients at the gym if you can go to the bathroom, you can write a grocery list at the same time lol 🙂 They would laugh!

  2. Sadly Sabrina, I have to disagree with you to some degree. Also being on a limited income, I’m trying my best to eat healthier, but often times, its fresh produce that breaks the bank. We live in a country we’re the cheapest stuff, is the worst for you. Stuff that is actually good for ya, can cost an arm and a leg at times. Canned fruits, drenched in heavy syrup for instance, seem to always be on sale at my job, while apples and oranges hardly, if ever are. Overall, paying a few cents more saves you money, and your health in the bigger picture, but at the counter, those extra cents add up 😦 . . . . . its all a matter of balance.

    • I totally get you Ken! It is hard and you have to find that balance. It’s took me a couple years to really nail down a healthy grocery list. You can have those canned fruits, they do have some in the fruits natural juice so those are an option to have! Applesauce is a serving of fruit too and usually you can get a 6 pack for less than $2. Frozen fruit is usually cheap too! There are ways around it, its just hard to find that balance. I just speak from my own personal experience especially with my acid reflux and lactose intolerance. I would prefer to spend more money on say soy milk then buy the cheap milk and be on medication. I’ve been able to find my balance and we all just have different needs 🙂 It’s doable! As you say balance 🙂

  3. Side note: Speaking of Kashi, you should do a review on Kashi’s GoLean Crunch cereal. It may be packed with fiber, protein and whole grain, but its crunchy as heck (even with milk) and tastes like cardboard. I’m soo mad I bought the double pack of this stuff. I promptly bought a box of Fiber One!

    • Oh you got that one! I am sorry I should have recommended some for you! I dont like that flavor either. I like the Warm Cinnamon/ Honey Toasted Oats, Honey Sunshine and the new one that came out Golden Goodness. The only Fiber One I like is the Honey Clusters 🙂

      • Also just to mention you can always go to your favorite products website and sign up for their newsletters. They always send coupons and promos!! I basically get all my coupons like that. So I am able to get things like Kashi for $2, Almond Breeze for $1.50…and so on 🙂 I save the coupon for when the product is on sale to get a super sale 🙂 I should do a blog on savings now that I think about it.

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