A Visit To Beantown

Next on my mom’s tour was Boston! I started my day with Kashi’s Warm Cinnamon cereal with Trader Joe’s almond milk and a banana.

My mom wanted to take the Salem Ferry to Boston since she loves boat rides. It was $11.50 per person and was a relaxing way to get to Boston without all the hustle and bustle. Plus you get a little history lesson while you enjoy the view as well.

Approaching Boston!

We made our way through the Quincy Market, which is one of my favorite places in Boston. There are plenty of food vendors, activities and shops that it is so easy to sidetracked. Like here with this funny guy who did tricks and such.

Next was North End/ Little Italy. Before we got there, we spotted a huge farmer’s market. The prices were too cheap to believe! I got a pack of strawberries and raspberries both for $1 each. I’ll definitely will be stopping here often. A gentleman told us it was on Friday’s and Saturday’s from 7:00am to 7:00pm.

 We had lunch at a place in North End/ Little Italy called Benevento’s. It was so delicious and the pricing wasn’t too bad compared to other restaurants around. I, again, had pizza with mixed greens and pepperoni.

My mom had a chicken, penne and broccoli in a white wine, garlic and butter sauce. There was so much food left over that we had enough for dinner that night.

Our next destination was following the Freedom Trail to Paul Revere’s House.

We spotted Paul’s statue on our way to his house.

The house tour was nice and gave a little history on Paul Revere’s life. It was only $3.50, which was a pretty good deal since I am a fan of seeing every old house museum.

After a nice day in Boston, we headed home to eat out leftovers from lunch. I surprised my mom with this cookie of Cookie Monster eating a cookie. That’s her favorite character from when she was younger. He was so cute and very scrumptious. Sorry Cookie!



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