I Scream for ICE CREAM

I went to the most awesome event ever yesterday. The Ice SCREAM Bowl in Salem!

Here I sampled ice cream from 8 different vendors and my favorite was present..Rita’s Ice! We first stopped at Seaport Cafe where we tried their mint chocolate chip. Once you tried a vendor you get them crossed off. Admission was only $5, which was worth every penny.

Next was Hobbs where Allan tried a chocolate chip ice cream and I tried a pumpkin spice ice cream, which was so delicious! I’m a sucker for anything pumpkin.

At Captain Dusty’s I tried their witches brew ice cream, which was a mix of chocolate chips, espresso beans, peanut butter cups, etc. A huge conglomerate of things but not too bad and I even got some sprinkles on top.

Of course I saved the best for last! Rita’s Ice is the most delicious italian ice I have ever tasted. Batches are made fresh everyday and you can always find new flavors. My favorite is coconut and mint chocolate chip, but at the ice scream bowl I tried bubblicious and mango. Can we say I’m on cloud “ice?”

Stay tuned for a post later on homemade peppermint bark!



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