Weekend With The Parents :)

This weekend my parents came up to visit! My dad was on vacation and it was my mom’s last week before she started work. I was so excited to see them again. I guess you could say I love them way too much. But I don’t think that’s a problem? I kinda think they feel the same anyway :]

On Saturday I went to work while they went to the mall to shop for some boots. Breakfast was Barbara’s brown rice crisps with blueberries. I never had any other fruit in my cereal except a banana before and it was not too bad!

Lunch was pretty unconventional. My mom brought me a lot of fruit and I decided to incorporate it into lunch. I had a turkey mozzarella roll up with a strawberry and grape salad and an applesauce on the side.

Roll up goodness!

For snack later I had a Larabar in chocolate chip cookie dough.

It really taste like your eating candy and is by far is my favorite flavor! Can’t you tell?

After I got out of work, we then went to Salem Willows. It’s very relaxing and fun all at the same time. We played in the “casino” which was actually a lot of old style game. It was tons of fun and my dad got a lot of tickets too! 

They got me this Salem Willows piggy bank with all the tickets and then some lollipops with the rest. I love piggy banks!

The sunset was beautiful after an afternoon of enjoyment. I love spending time with the parents. They are such fun kids at heart.

For dinner I wanted breakfast for some odd reason so I made the broccoli omelet that my mom loved from a “Taste of Thyme Cafe” for myself. It also had cheddar cheese and red roasted potatoes on top.  Meanwhile my parents had a little bit of everything they could find and made it a meal. Sometimes those are the best meals.

Sunday arrived and it was their last day, boo! But, anyway it was a great day because we went whale watching through the New England Aquarium!

I got to see a few whales and it was such an awesome sight. Amazing how huge those creatures are. I just wish this picture did them justice but you get the idea.

Nutritiously Sweet is back on schedule with a recipe! Stay tuned for a chocolate protein dessert cake!



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