Destressing Begins Now!

Happy Tuesday! I don’t really know why I said that for but it’s my last day as a non-college student. Back to school tomorrow and boy is it going to feel weird. I am really excited to begin this chapter in my life. Oh and by the way, my silly little brother told me I needed to update my FAQ section. I guess that makes me the silly one here then. Anyways it has been updated, thanks Matt for the heads up!

Breakfast today was my oatmeal square with a banana. The recipe is almost perfected as I believe third time’s the charm. It’s really good, don’t get me wrong, just needs some more tweaking.

Today is officially week three of my Bikini Body Challenge! I had to up the weights this week and I can tell you that I felt that today. I honestly feel great and the program has been amazing so far. After my workout I had a little fruit salad of strawberries, grapes and raspberries to hold me until lunch.

Lunch today was a yummy “Taste of Thyme” like broccoli and cheese omelet with some low sodium bacon. I’ve been in a breakfast mood these past few days and I still can’t figure out why.

Went to work this afternoon and had a quick little snack. It was a berry strawberry organic granola bar from Nature’s Path with a drizzle of yogurt. Delish!

Dinner was my favorite meal of the past few weeks; chicken, sugar snap peas and red roasted potatoes. I also had another fruit salad with only grapes and strawberries and a side of two dark chocolate Ghirardelli squares. My bliss!

I came home to this face begging for dinner. Mr. Hercules can be so whiny sometimes.

But he’s lucky that I love him so much ❤

P.S: I have a challenge going on about destressing which you can check out here: 

Entries end tomorrow!



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