Day of Firsts!

Today was my first day back at school and it was quite interesting. Hopefully I don’t get lost as one class is chemistry and I have been trying to avoid it since highschool…it’s going to be a challenge for me!

Breakfast for today was one of my pumpkin dessert protein muffins. I know, it’s suppose to be for dessert but I wanted it for breakfast. That’s okay for day right? I also had a banana to go with it too.  Can’t forget my banana!

My phone broke today and got fixed all in a span of 4 hours. It fell on the floor and cracked a bit and then to top it off fell in a little puddle. When I came home, I let it dry near a fan and it finally came alive! That was a first because usually it never fixes and I have to get a new one. Two points for my super phone!

Lunch was weird and a bit non-existing as a whole meal so I am skipping that part. On to dinner, which was a quinoa mixture of things which had chicken, black beans, spinach and a couple baked plantains.

Later in the evening I made TrulyJess’s protein pancakes. Everything I used was pretty much the same except I subbed cottage cheese for plain yogurt and added 2 Tbsp of Bisquick Gluten Free Baking and Pancake mix instead of the baking powder. Here are the ingredients I used: 

What’s the first about this? These are the first protein pancakes that I have ever made that actually taste good.

The difference here is that she puts the mixture into the blender to make the batter more “pancake” like. I tried one piece and it was really good. Thanks Jess! 

For breakfast in the morning I will try it with my “baked” apple topping. Yummy I can’t wait for morning to come, hurry!


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