Planning Ahead = Smooth Sailing

I guess you can say I’m a bit crazy but I can already tell you what I am going to eat today because I pre-made it yesterday! I love to make things in advanced because it makes things so much easier when your pressed for time or are having a lazy day. I normally do this in advanced for those days that I know are going to give me an extra hassle. Why not make life easier, right?

Breakfast today was my pumpkin granola with soy milk and a banana on the side. Okay, well I knew I was going to eat the granola and I didn’t have it ready the night before. Soggy granola would be quite gross in my opinion.

Lunch was left overs I had in the freezer and fridge that I put together: Ground meat with black beans, brown rice, chopped spinach and a chopped up plantain. Delish and already in a nice container for me to take it to work.

I even pre-made dinner and yes it does look this pretty in my container. This picture was pre-container during the cooling process. I made my chicken parm with rice pasta, broccoli, a tomato basil pasta sauce and one of my mini garlic toast on the side.

Dessert is the usual dark chocolate squares. Dove chocolate was on the menu, but next I will be getting some more Ghirardelli.

I think planning ahead is a great solution for those who are pressed for them. Set aside an hour or so one day a week and prepare batches of foods that you eat regularly such as brown rice, beans, pasta, etc. Put them in individual containers, some in the frdige and some in the freezer and there you have it! Instant healthy food at your finger tips. There is no excuse not to eat healthy when you plan ahead :]



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