Allergy Friendly Groceries

Here is another mini grocery haul that’s wheat, peanut, corn and even gluten free! Bob’s Red Mill makes a lot of great products that are gluten-free. Here I got his gluten-free all-purpose baking flour and pizza crust. The only issue with Bob’s is that many of his gluten-free products have corn. But I managed to find these to that didn’t! The baking flour is made with garbanzo beans and you can’t even taste the difference. It also had fiber and we like fiber!

I also got some more oats, not gluten or wheat free ones, but if you are just sensative to both, they say it’s okay to do regular oats. I haven’t had a problem with them so far. The same rule goes for the Cliff Kid’s bar; it’s made with organic rolled oats and is okay for those who are sensitive only. The s’mores is my favorite! The thinkThin and Luna protein bars are both gluten-free so no worries there! My favorite are the Brownie Crunch thinkThin and Chocolate Cherry Almond Luna protein bar.

I got some more McIntosh apples and Stonyfield 0% fat french vanilla yogurt. I found this new almond butter to try by Barney, which came in a 90 calorie snack pack. I didn’t really like the Blue Diamond almond butter so hopefully this one tastes better. Lastly, I found this new gluten and wheat free pasta by Tinkyada. I do like the DeBoles brand but it tends to get squishy. This one says that it does not…we shall see about that!



4 thoughts on “Allergy Friendly Groceries

  1. Nice post =) I love Tinkyada pasta, it is amazing!! I so wish I could have Bob’s Red Mill stuff because it is so easy to find, but it’s all off limits for me since I have a life threatening food allergy to soy and it’s produced on the same lines with the stuff. Love that it’s gluten free, but hate that they had to ruin it for allergen free status like that. Good luck with the shopping, I also love Lara Bars–gluten free, soy free, dairy free, vegan, and kosher =) Also, Rise bars are great. I have lots of info on food allergies at my page Also, Enjoy life brand makes the BEST allergy free chocolate ever! =) And who doesn’t love a little gluten free chocolate?

    • Omg that is insane! I wish that it didn’t have soy for you because Bob’s products are so good. I like Lara Bars too and I’ve never heard of Rise bars, I’ll have to look it up. I’m definetly going to check out your page. I could use some new ideas! It’s been almost three months since I found out about my food allergies and it’s hard! I’m getting bored but I could use some food ideas 🙂

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