Saturday’s Surprise In A Box

To explain this little story, we have to go to last week! My dad took my mom apple picking for the first time at some farm in upstate New York to spend some quality time together. She said that there were tons of McIntosh apples and I was so jealous because 1. I’ve always wanted to go apple picking and 2. I love McIntosh as you all know. Give me that apple, mom!

I guess he heard me because when I got home from work on Saturday I saw a package from her. I took it up to my apartment all excited to see what goodies were in store. When I opened it up, look what was inside!

She actually sent me a whole box FULL of McIntosh apples and a few Granny Smith, which I haven’t really tried. I cannot wait to enjoy apples for I don’t know how long lol. She sent me 22 exactly, which so happens to be my favorite number. Maybe that’s a sign of good luck to come! Anyways on to breakfast, which was already packed a couple of days ago. I had my last batch of my protein pancakes which maple syrup and cinnamon toasted coconut and almonds. Still so delicious and look at that syrup oozing, yum!

Lunch at work for Saturday was the same basil parmesan pasta from the other day. But this time I had it with some bread rolls. I used a parmesan roll recipe from and used the Bob’s Red Mill’s Gluten-Free All purpose baking mix. It didn’t come out so great but it wasn’t terrible. It took care of my bread craving, so that’s a good thing!

Snack was the apple from above with some Stonyfield French Vanilla yogurt mixed with some cinnamon toasted almonds and coconut. I know, I know I’m obsessed what can I say?

 For dinner I had some canned beef stew since I wasn’t in the mood to cook. I don’t normally have this and would prefer homemade because of all the sodium. But today was a low sodium day so should be too bad on me. I had it with half a bag of kettle cooked chips and added some more carrots to it as well. It was a nice hearty and yummy dinner.

Dessert was an apple cinnamon oatmeal breakfast square cut in half, topped with a Tbsp of vanilla ice cream, maple syrup and cinnamon toasted almonds and coconut. This thing is so delicious and it 100% takes care of my sweet tooth!

Saturday was not a bad day and today was very productive. Overall a good relaxing and work filled weekend!



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