The Art of Cooking

Happy Monday everyone! Well, not exactly I suppose. When I woke up this morning, Mr. Hercules was sleeping next to me. He didn’t seem happy that I wanted to get up. He looked so comfy didn’t he?

Saturday and Sunday were big cooking days for me. I love to just prepare some meals for the week on the weekend. Just makes life so much easier and can help you stay on track. Since my mom sent me so many apples the other day, I needed to make use of them. On Sunday I spent an hour preparing and cooking up some apple cinnamon protein “crepes,” which I decided to just make as skinny pancakes. I think that means the same thing though? 

I made enough skinny pancakes to have 7 batches (one was already packed) in total which means 7 breakfasts! The random pumpkin just made it look more fall-like. Did the trick didn’t it?

No, I’m not having the pancakes every day. I froze some and prepared some to have for a few days this week. See I even prepared my Monday breakfast. The pancakes plus my “baked” apple topping and some cinnamon toasted coconut. Perfect combo!

Smelled so delicious and tasted just as delicious too!

For lunch today I packed some rice, ground meat, black beans, sugar snap peas and a couple of tostones for work. This meal is a staple at my house and it’s quite yummy.

Now for the moment of truth… my dinner for tonight along with an apple and my masterpiece from Saturday!

Isn’t this the best sight ever? I made 5 pizzas for lunch or dinner and froze them up! Same toppings as last time; homemade sauce, spinach, mozzarella cheese, a few pepperoni slices and sprinkles of parmesan and basil. Delicious and my favorite kind of meal; grab and GO!



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