Morning Yoga, Revived!

This morning I did a yoga segment. Not the usual Yoga Today one but this bikini bootcamp yogo by RachhFit. At first it didn’t seem to hard but after 1o ish minutes you start to sweat a bit and your blood gets pumping! It’s not to do yoga for a change of pace since I am doing the intense DAMY Health Bikini Body Challenge!

Changing up the breakfast for today.  I think I’m getting a little protein pancaked-out anyway. I had a Van’s wheat and gluten-free waffle in buckwheat with berries topped with my blueberry maple sauce and some vanilla yogurt. Love these waffles, but I do wish their apple cinnamon ones had more fiber like the buckwheat ones.

For lunch today I made another broccoli burger with a side of kettle cooked chips. You may notice there is bread on this burger. Well that is because I made “bread rolls” our of the Bob’s Red Mill’s gluten-free pizza crust. They taste so good and I think I have found my bread source, since I haven’t found a bread yet that is cheap, tastes good and is corn-free.

My snacks today were quite simple. I had a McIntosh apple and yogurt.

I still have a ton of apples left that my mom had sent me but trust me, I’ve used many already.

Dinner was pre-packed from the night before, which consisted of brown rice pasta, chicken “parm,” broccoli, tomato and basil pasta sauce and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Yum!

For dessert today, I wanted something with chocolate. I totally forgot I had some chocolate protein “dessert” cakes in the freezer. I defrosted one and topped it with a Tbsp of vanilla ice cream and a chopped up dark chocolate square.

Tomorrow is my day off yay! But I have to go to school, boo. In life you always have to lose some to win some right? Off to rest as I am tired from work and doing a lot of Chemistry reading…blah!



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