Simple Roasted Goodness

 Day off today but I did have school as you know, Sigh! Anyways, breakfast today was another change of pace. Two days in a row of no pancakes. I had two of my coconut almond oatmeal breakfast squares with some vanilla yogurt. Put the squares in the microwave and you have warm oatmeal breakfast square goodness!

I just did some stretching for today because I woke up very sore and in pain. I decided to rest for the day and catch up one some school reading. For snack, I chopped up a small apple, a string cheese and had a few Nut-Thin crackers.

I saved most of the string cheese for school “dinner” tonight, which I had with another apple, more Nut-Thins and a Luna protein bar in chocolate cherry almond. No picture sorry, but lunch was quite delicious! I made roasted chicken with some yellow and orange carrots and a few broccoli pieces. Instead of the rosemary in my previous roasted chicken I added thyme.

The thyme really added a nice flavor to the chicken and I definitely will use it again for another roasted chicken. I topped a baked potato with some of the broccoli/ carrot mixture. So very  simple and yummy!

Dessert time! Allan and I went to Whole Foods to get some mini desserts before I went to school. He bought me a vanilla bean mini cheesecake and he got a chocolate one. Sans the crust for me of course.

On our way out, I saw a mini Whole Foods lunch box. It was so cute that I decided I would get it when I came back since I didn’t have any money on me. Allan said he’d get it for me…yay!

Yes, the Whole Foods near us is in Swampscott, M.A. and is such a nice area. The bag keeps foods cold or hot and has insulation!

It’s such a cute little size and was only $2.99. I can’t wait to take it to work tomorrow! Good night for now, according to Mr. Hercules.



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