It’s Not Easy Being Green… Or Is It?

Yesterday before class, which by the way was cancelled, Allan and I went to downtown Salem. I took him to the House of Seven Gables. I had gone there before when my aunt and uncle came to visit back in September. Allan wasn’t able to go since he was working that day, so I decided to take him myself. I just love the view from there… so breathtaking!

Look at this gigantic creature that was hiding from the rain. His name is Dusty.

After the tour, we walked around downtown for a bit. It was pretty chilly and I was in the mood for something warm. Allan took me to this little coffee shop, called Cafe Valverde, to grab some hot chocolate.

It was so warm and delicious! Allan and I split this 16oz hot chocolate and it was only $3.00 and change too! Not to shabby and we even brought our own dark chocolate to enjoy with the hot chocolate. Can’t you tell we just love chocolate?

After that lovely afternoon, and a phone call of class being canceled for the evening, we headed home to figure out what to do. We decided to rent a movie, buy some more sweets and cook dinner. Finally a real day off. Allan cooked his ground meat and black beans specialty, which I had along with rice, sugar snap peas and a plantain. I do apologize as the picture does not do it justice!

For dessert, Allan had bought me dark chocolate Stonyfield froyo and chocolate! I decided to make a “trick or treat” ice cream and mix it all together with some coconut flakes.

It was a mess of pure chocolate deliciousness!

This is random but I just wanted to show you the cute bathroom set that my uncle ans aunt got me and it’s all frogs!

The rug and curtain are my favorite pieces.

There is also a toothbrush holder, soap dish and soap container too!

Can’t forget the trash can…it’s a frog too. I just love frogs. They are just too cute, cuddly and green. What’s not to love?

Now on to today, which is Thursday, and that means back to work. For breakfast this morning I had one of the millet and flax bagels with eggs and bacon.

I had the bagel sandwich with a side of juicy red grapes. This breakfast reminds me of the times when my family and I went to diners f0r brunch. This was usually what I would order and eating it just brings back those memories.

Lunch is all packed and ready to go. Everything is the same from dinner except instead of rice I had barley. I’m loving the barley and so far the only issue I have with it is that it takes too long to cook. Takes between 40 minutes to and hour and a half, which is why I just make big batches to save me the hassle.

Hope everyone enjoys the rests of their afternoon. What’s your favorite animal?



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