Reaching My Goal… AGAIN!

You will never guess what happened this past week! I reached my Hot for Halloween goal, which was to be 145. I know it’s not Halloween yet but, on the 19th of October I was 145.4. I reached my goal for the second time. When I was on my weight loss journey, my weight loss goal was to reach 150, which I did on September 1st, 2009.

Then I wanted to be 142 just because my BMI would be 22.9% and that’s my favorite number. The lowest I got to was 143.4. Since then my weight fluctuated between 145 and 146 and I was pretty content. Then Florida happened and I gained back almost! It was horrible to see the 150’s. I even saw 157 and was like ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! With Hot For Halloween and Bikini Body on my side, I succeeded at reaching my goal for the second time. This time, I think will be much different.

So what are you currently doing Sabrina?

  • Well now that I am in maintenance mode a few things have changed. A couple of weeks ago I stopped calorie counting. Since then I was able to lose the last 4 lbs that were holding me back from 145. Why? I think it’s because I was focusing too much on getting a specific calorie target for the day instead of focusing on what my body needed to eat. Don’t get me wrong, calorie counting helped me lose those 70 lbs, but at this point I don’t need to do that because I already know what to do and what to eat. Of course if I slip up I will definitely use it as a tool again.
  • I am also still doing the DAMY Health Bikini Body Program. I still have about 3 1/2 weeks left to the program. It has seriously been the best thing ever! My clothes fit much looser than they did before when I was 145 earlier this year, my tummy is flatter and I have so much more energy. I highly recommend it if you are looking to tone up if you are close to your weight loss goal.
  •  I am also looking for new workouts to change it up every so often. I also try to do a lot of “natural activity” to get in some exercise, such as cleaning, long walks, etc. Life is all about balance and I want to enjoy it and maintain what I have accomplished with what I feel is realistic for my lifestyle.

It’s so nice to have your clothes fit again!

This shirt has been tight on my for the longest and it’s finally nice and loose!

If you have any questions on anything, DAMY’s Bikini Body program, calorie counting, losing weight, etc., feel free to email me at or leave a comment below!



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