Homemade Honey Nut Granola (GF)

Here is another granola for y’all!

It’s a honey nut granola that taste really yummy. I was in the mood for honey nut Cheerios and being that I can’t have wheat, I decided to make a granola version of it. Doesn’t taste the same but it was very delicious and took care of my honey nut craving. This recipe is tweaked from my original vanilla almond homemade granola. I find that this version is much easier and calls for ingredients that are easier to find.

As always, you can change it up to fit your taste buds. Enjoy!


1 1/2 Cup of GF Rolled Oats (Not Instant)

1/4 Cup of Almonds*

2 Tbsp Each of Honey and Warm Water

1 Tbsp Maple Syrup*

1 tsp Each of Vanilla of Cinnamon

Non-Stick Cooking Spray

Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees fahrenheit. Place oats, almonds and cinnamon into a large bowl and place aside.

Combine all other ingredients into a small bowl, mix well. Use this mixture and pour over dry ingredients. Blend together until dry ingredients are well coated. If you find that it’s still a bit dry, add a little more water or honey.

Spray a cookie sheet with non-stick cooking spray and evenly spread granola mixture. Sprinkle more cinnamon, if desired.

Depending on your oven, cook for about 25-35 minutes. Stir granola mixture every 15 minutes to insure no burning occurs. Once granola is cooked, remove from oven and cool for about 15 minutes. Once cooled, store in an airtight container. Makes four to five 1/2 cup servings

* You can use any type of nuts you would like and using maple syrup is optional. Instead you can use more honey. I just like the flavor the maple adds to the granola. Granola will last for about two weeks if well stored!


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