Foods For My Tropical Craving

I went to pick up some things at the supermarket this past Wednesday. For some reason I was feeling tropical. I wanted a mango but none were ready.

Instead I got a Stonyfield yogurt in mango honey and I must say it was quite delicious. I also got french vanilla, blueberry and plain (for the protein pancakes).

I also got some bananas and an orange. Apples are not tropical but this whole bag was only $1.99! I got a new bar to try as well; a Kind bar in almond and coconut. I’m saving it for my early trip home during Thanksgiving, unless I’m tempted sooner. I also got a Cliff chocolate almond fudge bar.

I also ran out of string cheese, crackers and beans. I normally don’t buy deli meat, but I was in the mood for some turkey. I guess because Thanksgiving is around the corner. Most of the things I bought were on sale, so it’s a good opportunity to stock up!

My Wednesday breakfast is usually a treat. I had Van’s gluten and wheat free totally natural waffles with cinnamon toasted almond and coconut and drizzle of maple syrup. Yum!

As a snack I had some cheese, Nut-Thins and a chopped up McIntosh apple. My absolute favorite go to snack.

For Lunch, Allan and I went to a local diner. It’s called Brother’s Deli and it’s in downtown Salem. It’s pretty cheap too. I had a small beef stew, while Allan had eggs Benedict. We also shared a side of rice. It was super good comfort food.

We then went to Cafe Valverde again to have the delicious hot chocolate. This time, we had it with white chocolate. I know, it’s just fat! But all is okay in moderation and we did a ton of walking downtown as well.

After our little downtown fun, we went back home and watched the past two episodes of Two and a Half Men, before I went to class. While heading to class, I munched on a choco-walla bar. One of my new favorites!

When I came back from class, I was hungry! For dinner, I made some chicken and sugar snap peas.

I had some red roasted potatoes in the freezer that I microwaved and added to the meal. It was then complete and tastey too.

It’s Thursday evening now, which means time for bed. Must wake up early tomorrow, boo! What do you dread doing during the week?



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