Blissful Saturday

Early wake up day for yesterday, so you know I had to be prepared for the day. For breakfast, I had protein pancakes pre-packed with cinnamon toasted coconut and almonds. I pretty much now have protein pancakes for Fridays and Saturdays. They help me stay awake for my early work day, since I usually have lunch late both days.

Snack was also pre-packed. I had an orange, string cheese and some Nut-thins.

Friday night I was in the mood for some chinese food. Allan needed to go to the super market, so I picked up some things to make a stir fried rice as well as a Kind bar that spotted my attention.I ended up making vegetable stir fried rice, which had egg whites, sugar snap peas, carrots, broccoli and water chestnuts.

I used a tiny bit of Kikkoman soy sauce this time. It has some wheat but no corn syrup. It was a bit better on me and unlike the corn syrup, I didn’t have a blood sugar drop or migraine. Maybe this one will be a better option. I brought the left overs for Saturday’s lunch along with a mango honey Stonyfield yogurt.

For “dessert” I had half of the Kind almonds and apricot bar that I bought. This taste like pure candy. I’m in love!

When I got home from work, I cleaned a lot. I also cooked some meals for the week and even did a workout. It was a quite productive afternoon. My post workout snack was a banana just to hold me while dinner was cooking.

I ended up making some ground meat, chopped up plantain, barley, sugar snap peas and baked fries for dinner. It had a total of about 9 grams of fiber!

For “dessert” I had made some faux “apple pie” for a few breakfasts this week. I cut them in half if I have it as a dessert. Pure bliss!

What’s your bliss?



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