Is That You Peanut Butter?

Good morning! I am finally done with that crazy chemistry exam. It wasn’t as bad as I expected. I flew through it, but my neck was killing me at the end. I guess that studying paid off! I went to the gym after because I just need to get that stress off yesterday. For breakfast today I had some gluten and dairy free pancakes from Trader Joes that I had bought with some berries, coconut and a drizzle of maple syrup. Yum!After breakfast, I ate a banana while I whipped up another batch of the cinnamon roll breakfast square using the Oat Revolution instant oatmeal. How can you resist these delicious things? I ended up having one as a snack. It just smelled so good out of the oven.Lunch was another set of wraps that I pre-made. The usual black beans, mozzarella cheese, carrots and spinach. I also like to add some basil to give it that kick. I just love basil.

I went to the supermarket the other day to just grab some bananas and I went to the “bar” section to see if there was anything new. That’s where I found the new coconut chocolate chip Clif bar and a SOYBUTTER!

I’ve missed peanut butter and no almond butter has replaced my peanut butter craving but I saw this Soy Wonder soybutter. I t thought “it looks like peanut butter so why not give it a try?” Initially it does taste like peanut butter but the after taste you know it’s not but it’s still delicious! And it was only $4.99… not too terrible. For dinner for work today, I pre-packed a barley bowl with red beans, carrots, peas and red rosted potatoes. My go-to comfort food.When I get home tonight I am going to enjoy the rest of this froyo. It’s so so good and it reminds me of Linden’s butter crunch cookies that I ate growing up. It’s all natural and has no corn…yay! I can’t wait, hopefully the day goes fast!

What was your favorite treat while growing up?



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