Feeling Homey

For breakfast today, I had some more granola, soymilk and a banana. This time though it was my pumpkin granola, since I wanted to have something I could change-up. I must admit that I do miss my hot breakfasts. I really got use to not having “cereal” but I must finish up the granola.

I also got some rice puffs to add bulk to the granola without so many calories. I put two parts puffs and 1 part granola. I also got this millet flour to try out. It was on sale at Whole Foods for $3.00!

I went to the gym today and did an interval workout on the treadmill for about 25 minutes then I switched it up and went on the elliptical for 15 minutes. When I came home, I did some weight training and had the weirdo pumpkin muffin with some soy nut butter and almonds for a quick post workout snack.

After a well needed shower, for lunch I had one of my homemade pizza’s with a yogurt on the side.

My snack was this delicious fruit duo of grapes and kiwi and a light mozzarella string cheese. I’m in love with kiwis at the moment. Good thing they are inexpensive. Now off to work!

For dinner at work I had my homemade mac and cheese and two chocolate squares. I guess I caved in a bit (PMS is hitting me). But I only had the two and ate it very slowly so my body wouldn’t crave it like mad.

Another day without too many veggies! I need to get some soon. Maybe I will go this weekend but for the mean time I have frozen carrots and broccoli. It seemed to be a homemade food day too. At least you can never go wrong with that.

What’s your favorite homemade dish?


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