Allan’s Birthday Day: Part Two

Yesterday was my last Saturday at work, yay! To celebrate, Allan and I went to see the last night Muppets. I had never seen a Muppet movie, so I didn’t know what to expect. But it was pretty entertaining in a bizarre way. I liked how they made the little Kermit sign. Did I ever tell you I love frogs?

Breakfast this morning was a coconut almond oatmeal breakfast squares with a banana and since I was hungrier, I also had a yogurt. 

Then after doing some reading for school and digesting of course, I did a workout using the Special K Challenge 10 Minute Solution DVD. It’s technically a rest day for me but hey since I had the energy and time, why not? You’ll never regret a workout!

Allan’s Birthday Part Two!

On with the main event of the post. Today was part two of Allan’s birthday since I had school for his actual birthday day. He wanted to check out Gloucester, M.A since he had heard it was really nice. I did some research and found some places to see. When we first arrived we had lunch at The Pub at Cape Ann Brewing Company.

For lunch, I ordered a caprese chicken sandwich without the bread and it came with a side of fries.

Allan had calamari, fries and a beer that was supposed to have a coffee and chocolate allure. All was super delicious. We wanted to take a tour but since they didn’t do any on the weekends that wasn’t going to happen, but our waitress asked the manager and he gave us a personal tour of the brewery. How nice is that?

The view from The Pub with the birthday boy posing. He never likes to take pictures, but today he was up for one!

Our next venture was to a “Cafe Dolce” to have some sweets. Allan picked Tiramisu.

I got a coconut sorbetto to in a coconut shell. It was WAY overpriced and I probably should have asked first but it was okay since it was for Allan. The total for these little desserts was $15.00! At least it was delicious…

We walked around the downtown area for a bit. Most things were closed since this is their off-season.

We spotted a “christmas tree” that was made out of the boxes used to catch fish and boy did it smell fishy. Not funny, I know.

We also went by the water where they have a memorial statue dedicated to all the fisherman who died at sea.

The view from here was amazing and felt so peaceful.

My surprise for Allan was to take him to Hammond Castle, since he loves medieval things. I wish we could have gone inside, but the museum was closed. We will have to make a trip when it re-opens for tours. It looks magnificent!

After enjoying a lovely afternoon at Gloucester, we headed to the mall to get our free Godiva chocolates for December. I got creme brûlée and he got a chocolate soufflé truffle. This is one is my favorite by far!

Allan also wanted to go shopping with his birthday money for new clothes, since that is want he wanted. I had a blast finding clothes for him. I picked out some clothes that sort of made him into a Edward Cullen from Twilight. What can I say? I’ve always wanted to date a vampire. He looks like a new man and he is excited for his new look. Last week of work begins tomorrow. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


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