Mommy To The Rescue!


It was my last day of work! It went well, pretty slow but I can’t complain. One of my co-workers gave me a little gift. I am going to miss her so much. She was definitely like my mom away from my mom.

For breakfast, I had my last set of protein pancakes topped with some cinnamon toasted almonds, granola and coconut. I also brought a yogurt to have with the pancakes. Early rising  plus work means “need LOTS of protein…” well for me anyway.

Lunch was another broccoli and basil pesto pizza which I had with some kettle cooked chips on the side. Less is really more in this case when spreading the pesto sauce. It tasted way better!

For my other snacks throughout the day I had a banana, a McIntosh apple, and a light string cheese.

Dinner was pesto pasta with some ground meat mixed it. I didn’t take a picture because I was distracted by my hunger and how delicious it tasted. It’s going to be a new addition to my dinner rotation. Dessert…well the Trader Joe’s dark chocolate was gone too before the camera came out. I’m just that much of a dark-chocoholic.


Today my mom came to help take some stuff home. She will be here for a couple of days to get in some last minute exploring. I am also taking her to Vermont tomorrow Sunday! I get to go visit my alma mater…The University of Vermont.

Breakfast today is another “faux” apple pie, since I wanted to go to the gym and it’s pretty light and gives me tons of energy, but before the gym, Allan and I did a lot of cleaning and packing.

It took us almost three hours to organize, dismantle and throw away tons of things.

Everything looks so empty!

I had to refuel with a McIntosh and string cheese.

While I was getting ready for the gym, Mr. Hercules looked so tired. From watching us pack? I suppose.

When I came back from the gym, I was starving! Lunch was a chicken and broccoli pizza and some yogurt on the side.

I also made my mom my famous quesadillas, which she loves so much. It’s always her request when she visits me but now that I will be moving back home, she will surely have it more often.

We then went around and did a little shopping. It’s always fun to go shopping when you have a partner. I brought a cheddar Babybel to munch on while shopping. Keep healthy handy!

For dinner, my mom and I split a ceasar salad and I also had more pesto pizza. I just can’t get enough of it!

To end the night we are now watching Henry’s Crime and I just had some Vanilla Bean Brulée dark chocolate. Delish!

What’s your “famous” dish that everyone loves you to whip up?



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