Don’t Ask

Yesterday’s breakfast was another serving of my honey nut granola along with a banana and almond milk. I’m not a fan of having “cereal” for breakfast anymore. I tend to eat it now for a snack or dessert. But there are just those days I need me some of that cereal and milk combo.

Allan came over to help me do some research on classes for next semester and go to the movies. We ate lunch together; he had leftovers from last night and I had the other chicken and spinach pizza, since I had made two.

I also had it with a yogurt and Clif kids bar in honey graham. The banana was not eaten…it somehow snuck in for a photo-op.

We saw Sherlock Holmes and it was pretty good! I brought along the chocolate I bought from Aldi’s. It was quite delicious.

We went back home and my mom wanted to do some more Christmas shopping. I brought along a light string cheese and some nut-thins. It’s been my quick go to snack when I have to be outside for a while.

After coming back, I was pretty hungry. I was craving hot chocolate and banana for some reason, meaning I didn’t have a real dinner. I ended up making the grain-free banana “peanut butter” muffins topped with some honey nut granola.

 I had one with a banana and hot chocolate. Yes this was dinner… don’t ask!

This week I am trying to unwind from all the hectic activity that has been going on. I think after the holidays, things should go more smoothly. I mentioned on my Facebook page that there are a few holiday recipes coming out this week! On Wednesday, I will be starting my baking fun. I have a peppermint bark parfait and another chocolate cheesecake in store along with what ever else pops into mind.

Any recipe you want to see in the near future?


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