Keeping Life Simple

Woke up today to do a ton of errands. For breakfast I had yet another “peanut butter” banana muffin. These have to be the best creation of the year. I think I am going to make a posts of “bests for 2011.” Yes yes?

After breakfast, I did some work on the computer and then went to do half of my errands. I decided to walk for this first half and did an hour and a half of walking. When I came back home, I had lunch. A spinach pesto pizza and an apple. Recipe for this pesto pizza coming soon.

For dessert, I had a little bit of vanilla yogurt.

I was off to do the second half of my errands and when I came back I had the munchies. It was warm outside but it didn’t stop me from craving homemade hot chocolate. I made some and had another muffin. They are just too delicious.

After my snack, I cooked up a lot of things; I made some “faux apple pie.” Some for now and some for later.

I also made oatmeal breakfast squares but this time I put them in a cupcake pan. Just put enough batter to make it half full and cook like you would a breakfast square. Two mini muffins are a serving for breakfast if you make them into this shape or have one for a snack!

After cooking I did a DAMY workout and relaxed. My thighs were killing me. Feel the burn, right? How sweet, Mr. Hercules decided to hang out with me… well sort of.

Dinner was a new roast beef recipe that may dad cooked up. I had it with some barley, tostones, spinach and red beans. De to the lish!

I must ask him for this yummy recipe. For dessert? Another slice of triple chocolate cheesecake. I’m sorry to tease, but it’s so good! Don’t worry, the recipe coming out tomorrow in the afternoon.

I try to make my life simple with all these crazy allergies that I have. I made, between the past couple of days and today, two weeks of breakfasts and six lunches or dinners. May not sound like a lot but it makes my life easier. I have plenty of options and don’t have to feel deprived. Life is full of chaos, so why not try to keep it as simple as possible?

What was your “best” of 2011?


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