Merry Christmas Eve

Today was a low-key kind of day. I had a few last-minute Christmas touches to put on some presents. I also just wanted to clean and get in a workout too. For breakfast I had my honey nut granola with some soymilk and of course a banana.

For my workout, I did an interval training set from the members only section on DAMY Health. I love trying out new workouts and for this new year I really want to try some classes out. For my post workout snack I had my last “peanut butter” banana muffin with some yogurt. I need to find me some more soynut butter, asap!

I took a shower and got to work on the Christmas presents. Mr. Hercules seemed pretty bored with my activities for the afternoon. He obviously did not want me to make the bed anytime soon.

After about an hour of being so particular with everything and no help from Herc, I had some lunch. I nuked some ground meat and beans that Allan had cooked for me yesterday. Yums!

I know you see a lot of spinach everywhere, but there is a huge bag that needs use. For dessert, I had a Stonyfield peach yogurt. It’s probably the most flavored I’d go for in a yogurt now. I’m just not a fan of flavored yogurt anymore.

For the rest of the day I just did some light cleaning and tried to relax. I need to learn how to do that a bit more. I also did a post on how I am currently maintaining my weight loss, which you can check out here. Dinner was rice, beans, grilled chicken and a plantain. I have eaten so much spinach that I am a wee bit tired of veggies. Just for today anyway…

After dinner, I dug into the box of Godiva dark chocolate gems my mom brought me. I have never had Godiva’s basic chocolate and let me tell you, its delicious! I think this is going to be a new favorite for the year ahead.

I had three of the gems but then was in the mood for some cake since my mom was watching Cupcake Wars earlier on the tube. Why not make a chocolate protein dessert cake? I could eat this all day, but I probably shouldn’t. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays with loved ones. Merry Christmas Eve!


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