After Christmas = Shopping!


Man. I never thought my legs would be so sore! We went after Christmas shopping on Monday. My mom and I left the house at around 10:30 am and didn’t get home til almost 7:00pm! Granted we spent a lot of time traveling and some eating, but wow. Can we say workout for the day? Or two? For breakfast I had a “faux” apple pie. I needed something that was going to keep me full for a long time.

Our first stop was to Dollar Tree, my fav, and Rite Aid. At Rite Aid I got this awesome chap-stick that was on sale for $2.00. I’m obsessed with honey at the moment so this was a must buy. So far I’m lovin’ it ❤

For a snack, I brought a long a Macintosh apple. I found some at a little supermarket near my house. They are not that bad, but of course nothing compares to New England apples.

A little while later, went to Staples, Kmart, Party City and Barnes & Nobles. I was getting pretty hungry from all this shopping. We ended up eating at Wendy’s, which was closest to our next destination. I love their natural sea salt fries which I had with a BLT Cobb salad my mom and I split and some apple slices.

Dark chocolate for dessert!

Target was our last stop, but before we had to go pick something up at Best Buy and Bed, Bath and Beyond. Shopping can be quite exhausting, wouldn’t you agree? At Target, I had me a kid’s sized soy hot chocolate as a quick “pick me up.”

Here are the goods I scored on this shopping trip: The Organix shampoo and conditioner were “buy one, get one free” at Rite Aid. What an awesome deal, since each are $7.49. I also got Ftiness magazine from Barnes & Nobles and a Yoga Dual DVD Set from Target. My favorite shampoo? Suave’s Naturals Rosemary and Mint, which was also from Target. I got ramekins from Bed, Bath and Beyond because I want to attempt DAMY’s skinny molten lava cake. Mmm!

Dinner was leftovers from Sunday’s Christmas dinner and I had some more dark chocolate for dessert. I really want to get more into yoga but more as a workout and not so much relaxing. Once in a while I’ll do yoga for relaxation, but I much rather prefer a more power yoga. If these DVDs combine my love for yoga and cardio in one, I’ll be one happy soul.


When I woke up this morning, I thought my legs were going to fall off. Oh, did I mention I did a DAMY interval training workout before I had dinner last night? Yes, I am that dedicated apparently. Breakfast today was two mini cranberry almond oatmeal breakfast square pies and a banana. I obviously don’t know what to call them.

For lunch, I whipped up some homemade Mac N’ Cheese. I realized the measurements were a bit off, so I fixed it up for you guys. Never do I need boxed macaroni and cheese again!

For dessert, I had a chocolate “dessert” protein cake. I like to say this is a protein version of a Vitatop, as I do miss having them. I used shavings of a Brazilian milk chocolate Allan had bought me for the topping. I think if I ever went to Brazil, it would be deadly in the sweets department. For today, I am just cooking up a storm, cleaning and running some errands. Enjoy your day everyone ❤

Question: What is your favorite “international” dish or treat?



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