Celebrating a New Beginning


 Friday’s breakfast was light because Allan and I were going out to lunch. I had some honey nut granola with some Nature’s Path millet flakes, soymilk and a banana.

Allan and I went out to this French Restaurant downtown called Les Sans Culottes. It is a must go if you’re in New York City. They have an express menu which is only $10.95 with soup or salad and meal or you can get the total experience for $16.50 for lunch, which is what we chose.

I had been here before when I was in French Club back in highschool. The food was delicious, so I had to go back one day. And the lighting is very dim, which means very romantic and unfortunately hard to see the pictures.

They first bring you a tower of sausage and salami along with a fruit and veggie basket. They also bring you pate (duck liver spread) and french bread. I had some salami, an apple carrot slices and cauliflower.

I had garlic chicken for my meal, which came with a small scoop of mashed potatoes and a basket of baked french fries for Allan and I to share.

For dessert, we had chocolate mousse. Can we say exquisitely delicious?

Allan and I walked around downtown, saw a movie and hung out for a bit at Dave and Buster’s. We wanted to celebrate a new year and new beginning. We want this year to be better than last and accomplish our goals. It’s about progress, not perfection!


New Year’s Eve! We were headed to the casino late, but for the beginning of the day I cleaned, did some yoga and weight training, and ran some errands. It’s nice when you get things done. For dinner, I had chicken, rice, beans and plantains.

For dessert, I had some dark chocolate squares and they were delicious!

Off to Empire City Casino! Last year, I was in Florida for New Year’s and we went to a casino down there but didn’t stay til the end because it was way too crowded.  This time we were and I enjoyed the evening with Allan, my mom and dad.

Happy New Year Everyone!


I think I’m obsessed with protein pancakes now. Never did I really think a pancake could be healthy. I started my day off with a protein pancake topped with a blueberry crisp. I just subbed the apples in the apple crisp recipe for thawed out frozen blueberries. The result? One new delicious pancake topping!

Allan and I made brunch for my family. We set it up to look like a buffet. There was fruit, eggs, mini pancakes and french toast, fries, bread, bacon, cookies and drinks.

I had a hard-boiled egg with a bacon slice on a mini flatbread made out of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Pizza Crust mix and some yummy grapes.

For a snack later I had one of the delicious gluten-free banana “peanut butter” muffins.

I meant to post this all earlier yesterday, but life sometimes get in your way, you know? I have a fun new protein “dessert” cake recipe coming out that was inspired by one of my old favorite Vitatops. I don’t think Mr. Hercules was too fond of it. He much rather have something salmon flavored.

Hope everyone is starting to new year on the right foot. If you haven’t already, check out my giveaway here! I’m giving away a yoga DVD along with some yummy goodies.

Question: Do you like Vitatops? If so, what’s your favorite flavor?


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