Patience Is A Virtue

I’m changing up my breakfasts these days, if you haven’t noticed. I’ve been eating protein pancakes like crazy, which isn’t a bad thing. Your body needs that variety. Instead of a protein pancake, I had some honey nut granola mix with Nature’s Path Millet Rice cereal and a banana. By far my favorite wheat-free cereal. (It’s not gluten-free… it contains barley malt).

After breakfast, I headed to school to try to fix my registration for classes. I brought an apple and maple pecan bar just in case if I was going to be there for a while. I can last for three to four hours until lunch time.

I ended up being at the school for two and a half hours and the best part is, I have to go back! By the time I got home it was more than three hours later. My tummy was yelling “feed me!” Since I couldn’t wait to eat, lunch was homemade mac n’ cheese I had froze a while ago. See, It really does pays to keep healthy handy!

After lunch, I munched on a banana while I prepared some a couple of meals to freeze. I made a delicious turkey breast strips marinated in “Mojo marinade”. It’s a mixture of bitter orange juice, spices and herbs amongst other things.I paired the marinated turkey with black beans, peas and brown rice. When I go to the supermarket I am so getting plantains to add to this dish.Once the two meals were done, I froze them up and went to do a yoga segment from the Yoga Results DVD. I focused more on lower body today, but I love how every part of your body is worked. Yoga = Awesomeness!

The review is coming soon for the DVD. I just want to try each one twice so I can really know what I am talking about, you know?

For dinner tonight, my dad made burgers. I had some “mini pizza crusts” made from Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza crust in the fridge. I used one and made an “open-faced” burger with some sautéed broccoli and baked fries. A mini gluten-free banana “peanut butter” muffin was for dessert topped with some whip cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. A nice little treat to end the evening.Don’t you hate when you have a plan in mind to do something and it never works out the way you want it? You really need to have patience in life to tackle this crazy world. Until tomorrow!

Question: What is something that makes you impatient?


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