What Is Nutritiously Sweet Really About?

As I sat this morning eating the new delicious maple peanut butter “muffin top,” I thought to myself… “I’ve been making a ton of new recipes that are mostly related to breakfast. Second, of course, comes dessert recipes.

I have also been reading many posts from different bloggers about what is the purpose of your blog? At first I wanted to do a lot of dessert recipes because I have a major sweet tooth. But ever since I found out I had a million allergies, my main struggle has been with breakfast.

I was the type to eat cereal everyday and change it up every week. But that option was no longer available. All my favorite cereals had wheat and corn. Many of the gluten-free cereals also had corn. I had to think of things to eat! The first great recipe was Truly Jess’s protein pancakes. I got hooked on buying oats, that I found many recipes that used them.

Then came the many oatmeal squareshoney nut granola, and the more recent, coconut almond oatmeal cake. I use to HATE oatmeal, you can ask my mom. She even said the other day “and to think you hated oatmeal.”

Anyways, back to the main topic. I’ve been struggling for a couple of months on this blog between all the crazy things going on in my life as well as still trying to learn how to deal with my food allergies.

On that note, I decided I am going to change, just slightly what my blog is really about. Yes I will still have delicious recipes, sweet and savory, but I am not going to do a lot of the “what I ate” anymore.

It’s hard for me to take pictures all the time and when I do take them, I want them to count. There will be more recipes featured and less what I ate. I also am going to increase food and product reviews on this site as well. This includes even putting sample DAMY workouts and daily meals together for you too see and idea of what DAMY Health is about. Of course, the more personal posts are going to appear too.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, I put a link to my recent YouTube videos. I am going to be focusing on YouTube as well, trying to do more cooking tutorials and tips on healthy living. After all, I did a lot of weight loss coaching in the past year.

I hope everyone who follows will still enjoy the “new and improved” Nutritiously Sweet. I really want to focus more on the food allergies because I know there are many people out there, like me, who could use more tips, tricks and delicious recipes.

If anyone has any ideas for me or what you would like to see on this blog, please let me know in the comment box below!

❤ Sabrina


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