Fun With Nature’s Path, Plus My Current Favs :)

I haven’t been feeling well for the past couple of days. I don’t know what’s wrong. Maybe I ate something with one of my food allergies? I just don’t know. It got worse in class yesterday when I was in the chemistry lab. Perhaps there was a chemical in the air or it was the lights. After about 10 minutes in that lab, I became dizzy and light-headed. To make matters worse, I still had four hours left for school and a massive migraine began to set in. Sigh!

After taking some medicine when I got home and eating a pre-made bowl of delicious thyme and parsley chicken stir fry, I started to feel better. To cure myself completed, I had some of the Endangered Species dark chocolate I bought the other day. Chocolate just makes everything much better, doesn’t it?

As you know I also bought some Nature’s Path products. I’ve been hooked on them now that the products are a bit closer to me now than they were before in Massachusetts. I tried out the hemp plus instant oatmeal this morning and made a Coconut-Cranberry “Muffin Top” out of it. It was simply yummy! The main reason I wanted to buy these oats was because I don’t get enough Omega-3’s in my diet and I need to work on amping that… asap!

Speaking of the Coconut-Cranberry “Muffin Top,” I have been hooked on cranberries. It’s funny because I hated them at one point, but now I’m in love with them. It adds a nice little tangy taste to oatmeal and mixed with honey, oh my!Now we can’t forget about the Maple Peanut Butter “Muffin Top.” As you may or may not know, I am allergic to peanuts. Instead of using peanut butter I use soynut butter. I currently use the I.M Healthy brand, which is delicious for cooking! Not so much for eating because it is unsweetened and has an unpleasent taste. Their other brands have maltodextrin, aka corn, which I am allergic to. Maybe I should try adding some stevia or honey to it and it might taste good? Idea!

When I use to eat peanut butter, I use to love slathering it onto granola bars.  It was an extra protein boost and tasted like heaven! Not that I’d know what heaven even tastes like. I just eat them plain now, still delicious, but not the same. My absolute favorite right now is the Cliff Kid’s bar in honey graham. I’m sure you probably knew that one or at least knew it was a Cliff Kid’s bar.

I’ve also been getting addicted on the Nature’s Path mmmaple pecan. The only word I can think of is mmm. Is that even a word? My first favorite bar from them was the berry strawberry and I had to grab a box of those too. I like to eat both with either alone or with a yogurt or a banana for a quick “on the go” snack.

My other “on the go” snack of choice has been a handful of almonds and an apple. I loved sliced almonds but lately I’ve been buying whole ones to munch on. Don’t think the fact that they have been on sale for a few weeks has changed my mind. Or has it?

Last but not least, cannot forget about my favorite breakfast from 2011, Jess’s protein pancakes! When I don’t have pure maple syrup on hand, I love this Vermont Sugar Free one. It does have corn in it but like I said before, I know that my body can tolerate max 2 Tbsp of some form of corn. I only use about 2 tsps anyway, which makes my body even happier! I also like that it has some vitamins and minerals and who doesn’t like that?

Question: What are your current favorite products? What’s your favorite way to eat them?


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