Readjustment #1: Workout Schedule

Why good morning! How did I start my day? Breakfast, yes, but can you guess what I had? I bet you can’t. Okay, maybe you can. A “muffin top!” I’m just too predictable aren’t I? I had a Maple Peanut Butter “Muffin-Top” (using soy nut butter) and a banana. After? It was off to do an invigorating upper body yoga workout.

Along with doing my Self Challenge Series over, I am also going to be working on those readjustments I mentioned yesterday. First one I want to focus on (since I am fixing the meat thing slowly) is my workout schedule. Now like I said before, I’ve been having trouble getting my workouts in on Monday and this throws off my whole schedule! I end up falling behind on my workouts or not even completing them at all. That for Sabrina is a huge no, no!

The DAMY Health workouts below come from the members only section on their website. Since I am on maintainance, they have a workouts that you can do. Each month there is a new workout to choose from. I, of course, mix and match because I want to include yoga as well. The yoga helps me to stretch out from the workouts but also helps for de-stressing. Should you choose DAMY Health, I only recommend doing this once you have a true understanding of your body’s needs and have completed a DAMY program as well as learned about maintainance from Amy.

Here is my workout schedule that I think will be much better than the other:

  • Monday: DAMY Workout A (shoulders)
  • Tuesday: Lower Body Yoga (plus tons of walking to & from school)
  • Wednesday: DAMY Workout B (chest)
  • Thursday: DAMY Workout C (lower body & abs)
  • Friday: Upper Body Yoga (plus 8hrs of being active & standing at work)
  • Saturday: “Rest”
  • Sunday: Total Body Yoga (abs, upper & lower body)

The yoga workouts come from either Yoga Today or the 15 Minute Results Yoga DVD. It just depends on my mood and how much time I have. If you have any questions on anything, please feel free to drop a comment or send me an email at I like reading :]

Question: What is your current workout routine?


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