Is It Really Monday Already?

Whoa, where has the weekend gone? It’s already Monday morning and it feels like only yesterday I was working Friday morning getting ready for the weekend. Oh how time flies!

This morning I was excited to have the protein pancake I made last night for breakfast. I had one peach cobbler style, which is my second favorite way to eat a protein pancake. First? Cinnamon toasted almonds and coconut!

On Sunday, My mom and dad were off to see Wicked, which was one of his birthday presents. This meant, grocery shopping was to be done much early. Mr. Hercules was asleep when I woke up. Lazy little kitty.

I did buy grapes, apples, bananas and tangerines the day before. No need for fruit on this trip, but I did get a few veggies. I also got more yogurt and another box of Clif Kid’s in Honey Graham. I… am… addicted!

I also found this organic toasted oats cereal by Nature’s Promise. Now I didn’t know that Cheerios was made from oat flour! I so could have eaten it, if it weren’t for the damn corn in it. I have concluded that the corn allergy makes my life much more difficult, especially combined with all the other allergies I have.

Ever since I found out that little fact, I’ve been looking for a toasted oat cereal sans corn ever since. Kashi’s honey toasted oat cereal use to be one of my favorites, which I totally miss. And now, behold a toasted oat cereal WITHOUT corn!

I’m super excited to try it out sometime this week. I even got some light vanilla Silk soymilk. Can some one pass me a bowl and spoon asap?

I did a little cooking on Sunday also, along with some yoga and tons of cleaning! I made two servings of homemade mac n’ cheese to freeze for another day.

Sunday dinner? I made a thyme and parsley stir fry. I added egg whites for my protein instead of using chicken (after all I am trying to do no meat week, though I “cheated” and had a little piece of chicken and a bacon strip). It was absolutely delicious!

For dessert, I attempted to make DAMY Health’s chocolate cake batter dip. The healthy secret? Chickepeas! I’ve eaten Belgium chocolate mousse a few times this week and then this recipe popped up! I knew I had to try it. I love having something creamy for dessert.

I did had a few modifications, some by choice and some by what I had around. I used 1 Tbsp of cane sugar (where it says the option to use two packets of stevia) since I used unsweetened soy nut butter instead of peanut butter. I used the Silk vanilla soymilk and dark chocolate unsweetened cocoa powder. The result? I was literally licking the spoon and food processor dry. You must try it!

Question: What’s your favorite after dinner treat?


4 thoughts on “Is It Really Monday Already?

  1. I agree…corn allergy is NO fun!! My 3 year old and I have a corn allergy. I have yet to find a safe cereal or granola bar because the vitamins used to fortify those (and MANY other things like milk) are generally corn derived. SO…we eat package free. 🙂 Were you able to verify that the cereal doesn’t have corn in it from the company? That’d be awesome if it was! 🙂
    Best of luck in this corn laden world!!

    • I didn’t know about the fortified things! I probably should check that out!!! It is really hard 😦 I just realized the baking powder I was using has corn, so I need to find one without. Do you know one by any chance? I need to be more careful too with things 😦 Good luck to you too!!

  2. Are you familiar with Jenny Connor’s website about corn allergy and the list of corn allergens? The list of possible corn derivatives is quite long. You can find it at
    There is also a corn allergy forum for up-to-the-minute advice about living with this allergy at
    These sites have been invaluable resources for me as I learn how to deal with my corn allergy. The forum also lists other corn allergy blogs you might enjoy reading. Best wishes!

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