“A Day In The Life Of” A Sample DAMY Health Menu: Part Two

Can you believe that summer is like four months away? Bikini season is coming soon, what’s a girl to do? Start living happy, healthy and Nutritiously Sweet, of course! Here is part two of a sample DAMY Health menu for a day, since many of you check out the DAMY Health page. If you missed my first sample menu, click here!

As you all know may or may not know, I am on maintainance. This means since I am not trying to loss weight, I can afford to do things a little differently here and there, which I go into more detail in the first sample menu. However, when you are on a specific program, you must follow the meal plan that is given to you.

DAMY Health is truly an amazing program. I have tried all the programs so if you do have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email at NutritiouslySweet@gmail.com. If you haven’t already check out more info about DAMY Health and its’ programs by clicking here. Or for more information on my DAMY Health experience, click here!

This sample menu is again going to be as if I was doing the “Slim Down for the Holidays” Program that I did a couple of years ago. There are so many yummy foods you can put together to make a delicious and filling meal! Many of these same principles apply to the other programs as well. By the way, pictures can be deceiving, because trust me these meals were pretty huge in comparison to what they look. Enjoy!


DAMY’s Protein Pancake

  • Topped with cinnamon and 1/2 of a banana, sliced
  • Drizzled with a little pure maple syrup (or agave, if you’d like)


Almonds w/ A Small Handful of Cranberries


Spinach Chickpea Turkey Burger


Tangerine (Any Piece of Fruit)


Chicken “Spring Mix” Salad

  • Chicken marinated in olive oil, thyme, parsley, pepper, onion and garlic
  • Or choose whatever spices you like!
  • Choose your greens drizzled with some olive oil and topped with sliced almonds
  • Or top with some avocado, goat cheese, or another healthy fat!

Snack (If Still Hungry)

*see any DAMY Health plan for details!

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