Did You Say Beach Resort?

Allan surprised me on Valentine’s Day when he said we were taking a mini trip to Hull, M.A. However, he failed to mention that we were going to a Beach Resort. A Beach Resort? You know what the temperature for Hull was when we arrived? 37 degrees! Can you believe it?

Well I guess that should be the temperature up North. After all, it is winter. Though mother nature has been acting on impulses with all these crazy temperature fluctuation. Before embarking on our journey, I ate a hearty breakfast. Do I really need to tell you what it was? Okay, okay. I had a maple “peanut butter” muffin top with pecans (instead of almonds) and a banana. Yummy!

The drive took us about four hours but it felt so much quicker. We arrived at the Nantasket Beach Resort and were ready to enjoy the day!

The lobby was beautiful and they even had a fireplace, my favorite!

Unfortunately our room wasn’t ready so we had to wait about an hour. I was starving but luckily we had packed up lunch. I had a turkey and cheddar sandwich on a Sami’s Bakery millet bagel with some reduced-fat kettle cooked chips and a tangerine. You just gotta keep healthy handy on a trip. Who wants to spend unnecessary money?

After lunch, we walked around the beach, enjoying the calm ocean breeze and scenery.

Once our room was ready, I plopped on the bed and enjoyed dessert. On the menu? A Clif kid’s in honey graham.

And some Dove dark chocolate. Weird combo, I know.

After relaxing for a bit in the room, we headed to the Derby Street Shoppes in Hingham. On our way there, we passed by Bare Cove Park. So that’s where Tina goes to walk Murphy. It’s a small world I tell you.

Can you guess what was there at the Derby Street Shoppes? Wholefoods! I love it ❤

I snacked on a yogurt before browsing around. Here are my goodies; the new Clif iced oatmeal cookie bar, Luna chocolate cherry almond protein bar and Justin’s maple almond butter. For some reason, Justin’s almond butter tastes much better in the single serving packets. Go figure. We walked around and browsed some more shops. Then out of no where I got hungry! What better place to go then the Wholefoods hot food buffet? I ended up getting lots of steamed baby carrots, roasted chicken and rice with a small side of tomato and basil soup. The soup was delicious, but not as good as mine. Which by the way, the recipe is coming out for that sometime this week. After dinner, Allan surprised me with a chocolate mousse cup in the shape of a heart. He just knows me so well


Woke up nice and early to do yoga by the porch in the hotel room. I did bring my workout clothes for the gym, but they were renovating it. Not fair! After yoga, I had a blueberry “muffin top” with a smear of the maple almond butter. Mmm, delicious!

Of course I brought breakfast with me since I knew we had a microwave and fridge. Have to start the day right, you know? And oh yes, you guessed it! The recipe is coming this week for the oh so delicious blueberry “muffin top” too!

It was time to say bye to the beautiful beach resort. I couldn’t resist snapping another beach picture. The sea breeze in the morning felt amazing. Now off to Salem!

Allan thought it would be fun is we visited Bare Cove Park before heading to Salem, since he knows I love Carrot’s N’ Cake. It’s kind of like visiting your celebrity’s favorite restaurant? Yes? No? Okay, maybe I’m just weird.

Walking through the park was relaxing and it was fun to see all the people walking their dogs and enjoying a beautiful morning. Maybe Mr. Hercules would enjoy it?

Would you look at that frozen-ness! Gosh, I would totally come back here again. Who wouldn’t want to feel this much at peace? Once we left the park it was time to drive to Salem. While driving over, I munched on a clementine and almonds. We were headed to downtown Salem to just walk around and visit old places.

For lunch, we ended up going to Uno’s, since Allan knows how much I love pizza but always have to make it myself. They have a gluten-free thin crust pizza that I can actually eat. I had a basic pizza topped with spinach and a few pepperoni slices I stole from Allan.

He ended up having a deep dish pizza with pepperoni, sausage and mushrooms on their new 9-Grain Crust. Pretty awesome stuff in it right? Makes eating all the more “fatty toppings” a little healthier.

After lunch it was time to walk around downtown Salem. On the days we actually had off together, we would do just this; walk around and have dessert. Oh yes, dessert! We had vanilla froyo and he chose a cookie dough topping and I picked raspberries. This is one of my ultimate favorite froyo combos! Raspberries and vanilla froyo = Heaven!

After more walking, it was time to say goodbye to Salem and all of Massachusetts. Now time to head back to the NYC. I started the drive and Allan finished. I feel more at ease and refreshed. Sometimes we really need to take that time to mentally unwind and recharge ourselves. Remember, your mental health is just as important for your overall physical health!

Question: What’s your favorite get away place, whether near or far?


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