Oh Science Courses, How I Despise Thee!

I had a quiz today for Chemistry. I also have an Anatomy test this week, a Chemistry test next week and a lab test the following week. Oh. My. Gosh. Tough few weeks ahead I tell you. Even Mr. Hercules is getting tired of the constant studying.Gee Sabrina, hurry up! Me want to sleep, now! I think I may have to agree with him just this once.On a more happy note, my brother passed his driver’s test today, yay! I’ve been helping him practice a bit and he has been using my car. I think I… okay, okay and my car, are good luck charms. First with one of my friends from college, Allan and now my brother.

We ended up going to TGI Friday’s for dinner (aka his favorite place) to celebrate and I saw they had tomato basil soup on the menu. You know I had to get it. I also ordered a Cesar Salad on the side, sans dressing, and I ended up using my own Sami’s Bakery millet & flax croutons. Soup and salad = delicious combo!Look at this strawberry shortcake monster my brother got to celebrate. He only ate a third and took the rest home to eat for tomorrow. Although he doesn’t know my dad just snuck into the freezer and ate it all!My dessert? Of course some delicious Vanilla Ice Milk blended with a dark chocolate square. This is seriously yummy and I love that I’m just basically having milk with some chocolate. I feel no guilt at all. As you can tell, I do like my “ice cream” more liquidy.Why yes, I almost forgot! The challenge for this week. I haven’t tried the kale yet but I did get this new vanilla yogurt to try by siggi’s. It is an Icelandic style non-fat yogurt. It was on sale, so I thought what the heck?Eh. I didn’t like it at all! It kind of reminded me of a super thick Greek yogurt. And I thought there couldn’t possibly be anything thicker than Greek yogurt. I guess I was very wrong. At least I tried it, right? I should get some bonus points.

Here is an update on the Veg Time’s 28-day challenge. It’s already the end of day seven! I can’t believe a week past. I’m thinking I am going to have to do one of these days DAMY style for you guys. That should be fun!

My lunch for day seven is always something portable because I have a very long day on Tuesdays (and Saturdays) and I never know when I am hungry. It is easier to keep portable eats on these long days. Enjoy!

– Day Six –

Breakfast: Cinna-Crunch “Muffin Top” w/ Maple Syrup Drizzle & Banana
Lunch: Tomato Basil Soup w/Basil & Mozzarella Flatbread & An Apple
Snack: Blue Diamond Nut-Thins & Laughing Cow Swiss Wedge
Dinner: Veg Time’s Black Bean Burger, Roasted Red Potatoes & Sugar Snap Peas (I subbed Chopped Cauliflower for Quinoa & Added 2 Tbsps Flour)Dessert: 1/2 Serving of Chocolate Mousse & 1/2 Serving of Vanilla Ice Milk

– Day Seven –

Breakfast: “Faux” Apple Pie w/ Maple Syrup Drizzle
Lunch: Fruit & Cheese Platter w/ Grapes, Laughing Cow Swiss Wedge, Blue Diamond Nut-Thins & a Luna BarSnack: Almonds & Red Delicious Apple
Dinner: TGI Friday’s Tomato Basil Soup & Cesar Salad (Sans Dressing)
Dessert: 1 Serving of “Chocolate Chip”Vanilla Ice Milk

Question: Do you have a current favorite food or recipe that your hooked on? I know I’m hooked on tomato basil soup and vanilla ice milk!


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