It’s Finally Over, For Now >.<

Wow I can’t believe the Anatomy test is over! But time to get to studying for the Chemistry test, then the Lab test and apparently now quizzes online. Does it ever stop?

I wanted to make my breakfast count this morning. I had a protein pancake with a dollop of Chobani honey-nana Greek yogurt and a sprinkle of Nature’s Path Pomegran Cherry Granola. It was quiet delicious and kept me nice and full since I woke up super early to study before my exam.

When I came home from my test, I made something a little bit different for tomorrow’s morning breakfast. I cannot wait to eat it and share the recipe with you. It won’t have any nutrition information because you can really use what ever you want in terms of… Well you’ll just have to wait til tomorrow!

Oh, by the way, today I tried Chobani’s raspberry Greek yogurt since I was getting into the kid’s honey-nana one. The result? Very yummy, that I went out to buy a couple more Greek yogurts. I got the Chobani’s Blood Orange and Voskos’s Honey Greek yogurt.

I can’t wait to try them both. I think I did a pretty good job with this week’s challenge. I tried out kale, siggi’s Icelandic style yogurt, tofu and Chobani’s Greek yogurt. I also tried out new recipes from Vegetarian’s Time 28 Day Challenge. Speaking of that, here are my meals for the day. Breakfast was just really delicious. I totally have to repeat this protein pancake meal this way again.Totally!

– Day Twelve –

Breakfast: Protein Pancake: Topped w/ Dollop of Greek Yogurt, Nature’s Path Granola & Maple Syrup DrizzleLunch: Veg Time’s Vegan Chili (Minus the Spicy Factor) w/ Rice and Baked Plantains (Using Only ONE Boca Burger for “Meat”)
Snacks: Greek Yogurt, Almonds & 1/2 Clif Bar
Dinner: Veggie Stir-Fry w/ Sugar Snap Peas, Broccoli, Carrots, DAMY’s Cauliflower “Rice,” Brown Rice & Tofu (marinated in olive oil, onion, garlic, salt & pepper)
Dessert: 1/2 Serving of Chocolate Mousse & 1/2 Serving of Vanilla Ice Milk

Question: What’s the best breakfast you’ve ever made?


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