I Think I Know What I Want

My metabolism has been on a crazy high these past couple of weeks. I think it’s because my body is eating foods it can actually digest and I feel great. I’m eating about 200-300 more calories per day but I feel invigorated and more energetic than ever before. My weight isn’t even going up and some days is lower than usual! My stomach feels great and my digestive system is doing its job. That makes me very happy.

All in all, I think I want to make this way of eating a semi-permanant thing. Like Katie (Peace Love & Oats) said you don’t have to commit to one way of eating. I think it’s safe to say I am going to be 99% vegetarian.

I will probably do meat whatever day my favorite meat meals happen. If I don’t want meat than I wont eat it. I’m really reserving my meat cravings for Allan’s ground meat, pork stew and “Mojo” chicken (which he can probably make with tofu). My mom makes great Thanksgiving turkey and yummy pork shoulder. My dad? It’s the ribs!

That’s pretty much it. I probably won’t be really eating meat much. Maybe once a month? Oh I like that idea! Technically all those dishes I mentioned are cooked on rare occasions. Okay, there! It’s set. Meat once a month. After then challenge is over, of course.

Who knows? One day I might just be full vegetarian. But for now I think the once a month thing is a great transition, especially since I am at home and meat is cooked everyday.

It’s funny how this thought just hit me all of a sudden. Who knew that eating a certain way could make you feel better? Duh, I should know. I’m the one who had to change my diet when I found out about my food allergies.

I like that I don’t have to worry about my fiber for the day. I don’t have to worry about getting in enough veggies, since I crave them all the time. I know what I’m eating isn’t going to ruin my digestion or interfere with my food allergies. It’s just a plain and simple way of eating.

I’m so glad I discovered it! Thanks Vegetarian Times for putting up this 28 Day Challenge. And thanks to my butt for actually committing myself to doing it. Determination is the key to success!


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