Deliciously Sweet!

Guess what? I had no Anatomy test today. My teacher accidentally put the wrong chapters on the test, so we obviously weren’t going to be prepared for it. Instead, we got a take home test.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy but I was going crazy and trying to study as much as possible between the day and a half I had. I even worked less (aka less $$ in my pocket) and blew off plans with people I haven’t seen in five years! Hopefully I will look back at this when I get my A+ in Anatomy (ha) and be grateful.

After coming home from my non-exam filled Anatomy class, I prepared a little fruit and cheese snack. My last Babybel light! I’m running out of a lot of things, so today I just picked up a few staples that were lacking in my kitchen. As I dropped my “older” brother (he’s just taller than me, not older lol) off at work, I remembered that there was a Whole Foods somewhere around. I turned on the GPS and headed straight for it! It’s kind of far from my house, but since it was only 10 minutes away from where he works I thought “why not?”I got some organic oats from Whole Foods. Can you believe it? Only $1.39 a pound and it’s organic! Sweet deal to me and I just got a smidge under a pound. This should definitely last me for the week. That’s only $0.19 a day!And since it was on sale, I got the plain So Delicious Coconut Milk yogurt. I didn’t have any Chobani left and I’ve always wanted to try out a non-dairy yogurt. I can’t wait to try it out. I am a fan already of their coconut milk so hopefully this is a winner too.Of course can’t forget dark chocolate, Whole Foods style. While Allan had a serving of chocolate mousse, I just couldn’t help it! My dessert of choice tonight? I had another 1/2 chocolate mousse and 1/2 “PB” ice milk. It’s just way too delicious and I think I deserve another treat after all this chaos from the week? Mmm, okay maybe I should tone it down on the sweets, just a tiny bit.
Speaking of sweets, I made my little brother (nickname = Yuyu) a little road trip baggie with goodies and these cute cupcakes last night. Everyone just loves my cupcakes. He headed back to college today from spring break. He was pretty much sick the whole time (boo) but at least he got to relax and not stress out about classes. I can’t wait till I get to relax. My spring break isn’t until April!

Question: What’s some place you love to go, but it just is a little out of your way? Getting to Whole Foods in N.Y is definitely at the top of my list!


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