Vegetarian Times 28 Day Challenge: COMPLETED

The Vegetarian Times 28 Day Challenge has been completed! March 19th marked my last full day of the challenge. But it doesn’t stop there. Remember I did say I want to be 97% vegetarian aka meat once a month. This is to help me transition (or not) to this new vegetarian lifestyle.

How was it overall? AMAZING! I’ve never felt so lively and energetic. I didn’t once have an issue going to the bathroom or my digestion. I also didn’t have an issue getting in fiber, which coincides with the whole bathroom thing. I was eating more calories but I was eating more whole foods. Believe it or not I did eat less sweets because my sweet tooth was craving fruit, yogurt or nuts.

I did drop those initial three pounds in the beginning but my weight has remained the same at 144 ish. What is interesting is that my weight fluctuations throughout the week were 0.5 or 0.2 lbs versus when I was eating meat, my fluctuations were 1.2 lbs or 0.8 lbs. It’s probably because I was eating primarily veggies, fruits and grains which digests faster than meat.

I can’t believe that a whole four weeks passed. It felt like just yesterday I was signing up for the 28 day challenge. I get very excited just thinking of all the new recipes I can make or how to turn my favorite meat recipes into a vegetarian friendly dish. It’s funny because I always find the most difficult times to do a challenge. For some reason that gives me even more motivation.

To celebrate my last night of the challenge I had a yummy spinach and mozzarella brown rice wrap with strawberries. There were more strawberries but I ate them. They were just so sweet and juicy.I even got a few groceries to reward myself for becoming a better and healthier me. The usual culprits appear; bananas, apples, yogurt, soy milk, black beans and oats. Diced tomatoes and spinach for tomato basil soup or salad. Chocolate and cashews for treats! Cashews are expensive but I’ve recently discovered I LOVE them. Note to self: find cheap cashews!That’s it! I’m ready to embark on this new journey and see how my digestive system and overall health progresses from here on. Are there any vegetarians out there that can share with me some words of wisdom or awesome recipes… anyone?



4 thoughts on “Vegetarian Times 28 Day Challenge: COMPLETED

  1. I am a (fairly) new vegetarian, and my biggest tip is to keep it simple when starting out. Trying to go all “gourmet” vegetarian would have sabotaged me. Good luck!!! 🙂

      • My current fave is a recipe from Alicia Silverstone’s book “The Kind Diet” – Lentil Stew. It is CRAZY good! Love it. I am going to post it the next time I make it. It makes a large batch, so you will be able to eat it for a while. I also really like quinoa and pine nuts with greens. 🙂

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