April Fools’ Joke? Not Here!

I just realized that I posted the mini GIVEAWAY on April Fools’ Day. I hope you guys don’t think it’s a joke. It’s not, go enter lol! I really never see it as April Fools’ Day because it’s actually my parents anniversary. Funny right? My mom always tells me that they “fooled” themselves into falling in love. They are quite charming in there own special way. Twenty-five years of charm on this date to be exact!

My mom wanted to contribute to the giveaway. She, unlike me, loves chocolate during any season. She felt that the giveaway needed some chocolate, which is why she threw in this SkinnyCow Candy. I really want to try the dark chocolate one but she said the milk was really delicious! She said it tasted like chocolate covered rice crispies. This morning my good friend from work invited me to go to Planet Fitness with her. I haven’t been to an actual gym since last December. I was so excited when she told me she was allowed to bring a guest. I woke up bright and early, had a “faux” apple pie for breakfast, did some work and headed out the door.I walked to her house (12 minutes) and them walked over to Planet Fitness (another 8 minutes).  When I first entered I saw this! Look at these purple “hand” chairs. No comment what so ever! I wonder why is Planet Fitness so purple. Does anyone know?It was pretty huge and they had a TON of machines. I was pretty impressed by the amount of cardio machines they had and their weight training machine variety. I showed my friend basically the workout routine I was doing at the gym when I was losing weight.I warmed up on the elliptical for 20 minutes on level 3 and every two minutes I would change directions. I then did the treadmill for another 20 minutes. On the treadmill I alternated 8 incline at 3.5 mph and 2 incline at 4.5 mph every two minutes as well. I threw in a little running when I felt the mojo kick in. My goal is to get up to 6.0 mph. I’m up to 5.7 mph right now. I can do it!

We worked out for a total of an hour and a half! That is seriously the longest time I have spent in the gym since I went a few years ago with my dad. My dad liked to stay for an hour and half to two hours. Good times! After the gym, we walked back and I had my pre-packed post workout snack; banana and cashews.I’m catching up on some more work now, baking cupcakes, and cleaning. Mr. Herc seems to have no problem relaxing in my face while I try to be productive. Cats will be cats! April has started out amazing and I hope the rest of the month (and the year for that matter) keeps going like this. I like happy and productive days.

Question: What does your ideal productive day look like?

Mines includes a work out, cooking meals for the week, reading for school, cleaning and working on the blog. Sounds exactly like today, yay!


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