Celebrating Spring Break Early!

I celebrated Spring Break early and went to Massachusetts! Like I mentioned earlier this week, I was visiting a friend and staying for a couple of days. It’s nice to break away from the normal routine and unwind. I’ve had way too many exams and assignments, I deserve it!


Allan and I left at around 9:00am on Wednesday for Massachusetts. I even brought a long some road trip goodies (and kept healthy handy), which included yogurt, an apple, almonds, string cheese and Nature’s Path Apple Pie Crunch!Our first stop was Gloucester, M.A. We had been there before for Allan’s birthday. It’s so beautiful and peaceful and it kind of reminds me of City Island here in New York.We ate lunch that we had already packed (again keeping healthy handy people) and then walked around this lovely park for a bit. I honestly don’t know the name of this park.  Runs to look it up. Okay got it! It’s Stage Fort Park. Phew!Allan and I just kind of relaxed until night time. It was a long drive and besides I wanted to unwind. Isn’t that the point of taking a mini vacation? Once nighttime hit, we headed out to Gloucester’s downtown area. It was really cute at night and the trees were full of lights.We weren’t sure what we wanted to eat for dinner. I knew I wanted some type of veggies with potatoes. Don’t ask me why, it was such a random craving. We spotted this place called Catch 22 Pub downtown playing some awesome music.This sign really caught my eye. Being allergic to wheat makes it hard to enjoy a burger sometimes. A lot of restaurants don’t offer gluten-free buns or don’t really have options when it comes to swapping the bread for something else. I totally loved this bunless burger and salad idea. Are you listening restaurants?The atmosphere inside was very relaxing. I never really had been inside a pub before, so I didn’t know what to expect. The D.J played great music and waitress were really friendly too, which made it even better.Alas, dinner was a well-done burger with a caesar salad and stolen fries from Allan. This hit the spot, perfectly; juicy burger, crisp lettuce and hot fries! I definitely want to go back there again. Sometime soon, hopefully.I also had a few sips of this here Bud Light. I don’t drink at all but for some reason, I just felt the burger needed to go with some good beer sippage. Allan, of course, drank the rest! And being Ladies Night, I got a beer on the house. Awesome place I tell ya.


It was a chill Thursday morning. I brought breakfast with me, which was a cinna-crunch “muffin top” with almond butter and banana. This is so my favorite of the “muffin-tops.”

My friend and I hung out at the mall (again more relaxing). I introduced her to the Godiva rewards card. Free chocolate once a month? You can’t go wrong with that. I got my favorite piece, which is the creme brûlée truffle. Mmm!It was then time to head back to New York. It was nice to catch up with my friend. I hadn’t seen here since October of last year! I love Massachusetts and New England for that matter. The atmosphere there just cannot be explained. It’s a great place and if you haven’t been, you must check it out!

Question: What’s one place that you’ve visited that just makes you feel at peace?

For me? Definitely Vermont and Massachusetts. I also very much enjoyed Alaska and I really want to go there again!


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