Winner Of Sweet N’ Salty Snack Giveaway Is…

Victoria! Congrats on winner the mini sweet n’ salty snack giveaway! Please email me your address at so I can ship it out early next week. I used this website called Truly Random Number Generator, which is great to pick a winner fast!Didn’t win? No worries! I will be having another product/ snack giveaway for summer and it will included some of my favorites like Nature’s Path and Clif Kid’s.


Sorry that posting has been quite sporadic lately. This week has been another one of those busy weeks. To top it off I got sick last night out of no where. I was not a happy camper but I made sure to amp my vitamin C intake with lots fruits and veggies.

This website, Fruits & Veggies More Matters, had a list of fruits and veggies and their vitamin C percentage. I couldn’t believe 8 strawberries had a whopping 220% compared to an orange with only has 130%. Oh, the things your will learn.

Speaking of strawberries, for dinner today my dad drove two hours to go to Golden Corral. Ever since my parents went back a few summers ago in Orlando, F.L, they have been hooked! I love their huge array of desserts but unfortunately I couldn’t have many due to peanuts or wheat. But I did enjoy their chocolate waterfall.Oh yes! I dipped 6 giant strawberries into that waterfall. Look at the size of these strawberries, as my mom so lovingly demonstrates with her hand. They look like they are on some serious steroids. Crazy how GMO’s change things. I’m not a fan, but I really wanted some strawberries. I also tried to include foods from the vitamin C list such as spinach, potatoes and broccoli into my meal.Earlier today I had school (can you hear the loud sigh?) but at least I have no classes because it’s Spring Break again for me! One school had Spring Break in March and this week is Spring Break for the other. I can now enjoy a week without having to rush for once.

I brought a delicious lunch. Ever since I had the salad at Catch Pub 22, I’ve been craving salad. I made a spinach, hard-boiled egg and light mozzarella cheese salad with grapes and almonds. It was the bomb!I was lucky that I was able to leave early from class today. Not even one hour into class and I was falling asleep. I could feel my body aches taking over. When I went home, I headed straight for my bed. Looks like someone else had the same idea as me. I don’t know how Mr. Herc can be comfy in such a position.Mind me as this post has been way out of order. I’m sick, I think ya’ll will cut me a little slack, right? Hopefully by tomorrow or Monda I will be back to normal and getting things done. Like my room… shh it’s a huge mess!

Question: What’s one place (Or two! Can be food, shopping, anything!) that you will travel hours for?

I definitely would travel hours to Canada or for some Whole Foods hot buffet. Mmm!


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