Sprinting For Fun

I must share with you my awesome Thursday morning sprinting adventure. I needed it. I craved it. I had a major Chemistry exam and needed an outlet.For breakfast I went with something light. I had Honey & Nut Morning O’s with sugar-free So Delicious Coconut Milk with half a large orange. This meal was perfect!I have to show you this before I get into the sprint recap. My mom got me the most awesome thing ever! I’ve been wanting a new yoga mat because it got scratched. [*coughMr.Herculescough*]At this store near my house they had a bunch of yoga mats in fun colors and in this cute carrier bag. The best part about it? It was only $10.00! My mom even got my a matching water bottle too. Of course I used it for my first sprint adventure for good luck. Like my outfit? It was a little chilly this morning and I know the beach is windier.Now I know I said I was going to try workout #2 from Bloom to Fit, but when I looked it over I realized it was a bit too much to start with (after all, I did have hip and knee surgery). Instead I combined that workout with Couch to 5K. Remember that?

Here is what my “Sprinting for Fun” workout looked like:

Warm-Up: Stretches and brisk walking (3.5mph) for 10 minutes
The Workout: Sprint 20 seconds, Walk 2 minutes (Repeat 4-5 times)
Cool Down: Light jog (4.5mph-5.0mph) for 5 minutes, than walk for 10 minutes and stretchShall we take a detour here and explore what lies in the woods?Sprinting = My new high!Ahh, this was so fun. I can’t wait to do it again. Don’t ask me why this picture is kind of stretched. I probably was too out of breath to hold the camera right.Post workout snack? Half a Clif white chocolate chip macadamia bar and small handful of raw cashews. Oh and plenty of water too!What’s interesting is that I read somewhere that if you sprint train, it helps you jog better (and easier). And you know what? It’s totally true! I jogged for the last five minutes before going to my car and I found myself flawlessly jogging. Amazing!

Question: What are some benefits you find that exercise provides for you?

I love the energy I get and it also helps for de-stressing. Win, win!


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