Meal Planning: Week Of April 23

I liked Carrot’s N’ Cake’s meal planning idea for the week. I’ve always done it but I am reinforcing it more now because these next few weeks are filled with torturous exams and finals. I’m going to need some healthy handy for my sanity.

As I was planning my meals out for the week last night, I realized I had a ton of half done meals in the freezer. I needed to get rid of them because 1. I have no containers left and 2. I should eat what I have first before buying anything else (unless it is absolutely necessary for the meal).

After a yummy “faux” apple pie breakfast, I got to work for an hour and change and prepared my meals for the week. You will notice there is a lot of spinach. Yeah. I got a huge bag.

The first ball up (hehe, oh lotto) is tomato basil soup with a mozzarella and spinach melt. It’s going to be raining all week and what better thing to eat than some warm and hearty soup!Next is my take (again) on Eating Well’s orecchiette with broccoli rabe and chickpeas. I made it with fusilli pasta, added basil and added butter instead of the red wine vinegar. Spinach with be served on the side along with a slice of basil mozzarella flatbread.Then we have brown rice and black beans with a mashed up spinach chickpea tofu burger. I’ll probably have it with a side of extra spinach and baked plantains.I also made some “healthy” fried rice mixed with sugar snap peas, carrots, broccoli and tofu scramble. This is one of my go to meals as I like to always have at least one frozen because everything is included; protein, carbs and veggies!And last we have garlic baked tofu with mashed potatoes and a sugar snap pea, carrot and cauliflower medley. I might eat it with some plantain chips. I haven’t decided yet but I had some last time with the tofu and it was delish!For dessert? I made a few servings of chocolate mousse and some even with coconut flakes. You must give me a break this week. It is that “time” and I want sweets and chocolate galore. To tame it I make little treats to satisfy my raging cravings.Here is an overview of my options for this week eats!


  1. Honey & Nut Morning O’s w/ So Delicious Coconut Milk & Orange
  2. Van’s GF Blueberry Waffles w/ Cashew Butter, Blueberries & Maple Syrup Drizzle
  3. “Faux” Apple Pie w/ Extra “Baked” Apple Topping


  1. Spinach, Basil & Mozerella Wraps w/ Kettle Cooked Chips
  2. Brown Rice, Black Beans, Spinach Chickpea Tofu Burger w/ Baked Plantains
  3. Tomato Basil Soup w/ Spinach & Mozzarella Melt


  1. Stir Fried Rice w/ Sugar Snap Peas, Carrots, Broccoli & Tofu Scramble
  2. Garlic Baked Tofu w/ Veggies & Plantain Chips
  3. My Take on Eating Well’s Orecchiette w/ Broccoli Rabe & Chickpeas


  1. Cashews & 1/2 Clif White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Bar
  2. Cascadian Farm’s Almond Butter Crunchy Granola Bar
  3. Almonds & Apple Slices
  4. Banana
  5. Yogurt

Question: Do you plan your meals for the week?

I love doing it! It sames time and money, whoo-hoo!


7 thoughts on “Meal Planning: Week Of April 23

  1. This is great. I am going to have to try the fried rice and that coconut mousse looks really good too. Thanks for the post!

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