Changing Things Up: May Workout Plan

This week I wanted to shake things up and plan out workouts for the month of May. I know, it isn’t May, I realize that! Work with me here, I am trying to plan ahead. I was more in a jogging mood these past few days, which isn’t a bad thing! I opted for the week one of the Couch to 5K program.

What I did a bit different was do 30 minutes total instead of 20 minutes. If I also was able to jog past a minute, I allowed myself to do so. Believe or not, the most I can jog (even lightly) is only two minutes straight! I want to at least get up to five minutes by the end of May (specifically May 25th, since that is when I am heading back to M.A)My Tuesday jog was a cold one. It was about 45 degrees, the coldest I have ever jogged outside (I’m sure there are braver souls out there). I bundled up complete with my super pink bottle.I jogged in a few new spots also this week. This area was super uneven, which was great because it felt like a “faux” step climber machine. Working out those buns and thighs!I ended up changing the incline for parts of my jog (not on purpose, just more hilly areas) and scenery was not to shabby either. Check out the marsh!I’ve never been to the right side of the beach. Ever. My family always hung around the left side. I decided to head on over there and it was cool to see a mini playground in the sand. Isn’t this such a stunning view?As usual the same post jog/ sprint snack (which will change, I ran out of Clif bars) which consists of 1/2 a Clif white chocolate macadamia bar and a few cashews. Of course, lots of water too.I also wanted to update a few things of mine now that I am getting more into running/ sprinting and moving back to Massachusetts. I feel like I am reinventing myself; new town, new lifestyle, you get the idea. I bought two new sports bras and running socks!  Even before I read numerous articles about running/ sprinting for beginners, I knew cotton socks were horrible. I remember when I first did Couch to 5k, I use cotton socks and got horrible blisters that lasted for days. Not. Fun.

The DAMY Health workouts below come from the members only section on their website. Since I am on maintainance, they have a workouts that you can do. Each month there is a new workout to choose from. You can check out my April workout routine here.

I have found that warming up and doing my weight training before cardio, has been more effective for me. I will be experimenting with that further this month and see how it goes. The yoga workouts come from either Yoga Today or the 15 Minute Results Yoga DVD. Yoga helps me to stretch out from the workouts but also helps for de-stressing, which I seriously need!

If you are on a specific DAMY Health workout plan, you must stick to it! If you have an questions or need modifications, you can always email Amy. Here is my improved workout schedule for May:

  • Monday: DAMY Chest & Abs Workout + Sprint or Jog (30 minutes)
  • Tuesday: Sprint or Jog (30 minutes) or Yoga Today Workout (30 Minutes)
  • Wednesday: DAMY Lower Body & Back Workout + Sprint or Jog (30 minutes)
  • Thursday: DAMY Shoulder Workout + Upper Body Yoga
  • Friday: Active Rest Day
  • Saturday: Sprint or Jog (30 minutes) or Yoga Today Workout (30 Minutes)
  • Sunday: Total Body Yoga (Abs, Upper & Lower Body)

Question: How do you like to change things up?

I like to either change up my workouts, take a new route, by a new lotion or body spray, new granola bar, so many things!


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