WIAW #3: Amping The Protein

I realized that I haven’t been eating the proper amount of protein I should be eating. Different sources say different things. For example, the Center for Disease Control says a woman my age should get an average of 46 grams of protein per day. However, that seems too little to me.

Others say eat 1 gram per pound (for a regular exerciser) and others have calculators based on your specific stats like Kashi’s. According to the 1 gram per pound rule, I should be eating 143 grams of protein. But according to Kashi, I should be eating 98 grams.

How about if I just take an average of all three? That comes out to 95 grams. So maybe Kashi is right? The reason why I like the Kashi calculator is because it takes into consideration age, height, sex, activity and fitness goals.

You definitely should check it out if you feel that you may not be getting enough protein. Now onto this weeks What I Ate Wednesday brought to you by the lovely Peas and Crayons. If you don’t know about What I Ate Wednesday, check it out here!Surprise, surprise. Look who was being lazy. None other then Mr. Hercules. I wish I could sleep in and not go to class. Tuesday is my worst day, ever!It was a cold, rainy morning and I wanted something warm. I heated up one of the coconut almond “muffin tops” and ate it with a banana on the side. Delish!Snack? One of these Stonyfield french vanilla 100 calorie yogurts. I’m not a fan of fat free yogurt, but I couldn’t find their low-fat one at the grocery store.For lunch I had a basil, spinach & mozzarella wrap with a sliced small orange and a Nature’s Path Chococonut bar. Chocolate and cheese is such a yummy combo!My snack post lab (I’m always starving after) was a light string cheese, cashews and 1 small kiwi. Cheese and fruit is also a delicious combo. I don’t know which is better!For dinner, since it was already prepared from my meal planning, I had the quinoa, black beans, spinach and baked plantains (looks like the spinach obsession is back). I forgot how good quinoa was since I hadn’t had it for months!No dessert, are you surprised? I ate too late and was full after dinner! I think I did a pretty good job today of amping the protein between the oats, nuts, yogurt, cheese, quinoa, and black beans. Perhaps one of these days I’ll keep an exact number record just so I can see for myself.

Question: Do you get enough protein in your diet? What are your favorite protein choices?

I love nuts, cheese and black beans. Mmmm!


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