Relax With Tara Stiles at Strala Yoga

Allan is the most awesome boyfriend ever. I mean EVER! Ever since I fell in love with yoga through Tara Stiles’s YouTube videos, I have always wanted to go to Strala Yoga to take a class with my yoga idol.

It never happened. I either was too busy, had no one to go with or couldn’t spare the extra cash. Until yesterday where Allan surprised me and took me to Strala Yoga. The best part was? He actually joined me too! I was pretty shocked that he took me there. It definitely goes down in the top sweetest things he has done for me during our almost four-year relationship. Enough of the sappy love story, get to the yoga Sabrina!

We got there a bit earlier then expected (two hours to be exact). The studio wasn’t going to be back opened until 4:00pm (class started at 4:30pm). We hung around the area and even stopped into an old school cinema and had some sweets. Vanilla froyo, yum!Once the froyo (and some more walking) was over, we headed to Strala. The reception area inside was nice and cozy with sofas, yoga mats, books and such. We signed up for a one time class but they have a ton of package deals that you could do like 3 classes for a week at $20 or monthly deals. You can see more choices on their website. I even met Tara before class. She was super welcoming and very down to earth.

The yoga room was very calm and peaceful. The lanterns above created a quiet ambiance. We were in the yoga room at around 4:15pm and there were only three of us in there. But by the time 4:28pm rolled around, it was jam-packed with yogi’s. I didn’t take a picture because I didn’t want to appear “creepy” but Allan took this picture of me. No make that the 5th picture. He was so happy that I was excited (most appreciated Allan) but the picture-taking had me rather annoyed lol.How was the yoga? Well I know it was “relax” yoga but I definetly felt a workout from it. Tara’s voice was soothing and the flow was just right. I never did yoga for longer than 40 minutes and at one point I was a little sweaty (no I didn’t have the sweater on). I leanred that I could do pigeon pose and bring my foot up too!

Allan found it challenging but I helped him from time to time modify poses (ever Tara helped him). I was impressed by many of the students who could do crow poses and head stands; gives me something to work on. After yoga, I thanked Tara for an amazing class and got a nice picture with her. I’ll admit it, I felt super giddy. I was meeting an idol, you can understand?It was also her birthday yesterday and someone brought goodies. I ate a raw and vegan chocolate coconut macaroon (which was super scrumptious) and Allan had a super chocolate-ty cupcake (which he devoured in less than a minute). Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. It made me feel very happy to be surrounded by people who cared about a healthy lifestyle. I really recommend heading over to Strala Yoga. The relax class with Tara was amazing and rejuvenating!

I think I have found a love for group classes for sure. And I am not sure if you remember, but I do have that free week to Dahn Yoga. I’m excited to go asap, but I do have to wait until two weeks when my schedule will be a bit clearer. 

Question: Do you like yoga? Have you ever been to a yoga studio? Have you ever watched or done a yoga segment by Tara Stiles?

Ever since I learned about yoga last year from Tara Stiles, I never looked back. It has been amazing to my health and overall well-being.


2 thoughts on “Relax With Tara Stiles at Strala Yoga

  1. I love those videos and can definitely understand how happy it must have made you to go to an actual class 🙂 Good to hear, she’s as nice in person as she comes across in these videos 🙂

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