Grocery Shopping: Week Of May 7th

You may be shocked in the grocery haul to find meat. I did say that I was going to transition into a vegetarianish lifestyle having meat once a month. It hasn’t been easy but I am definitely sticking by it. Now, is there a specific reason? Yes and no. I miss my Morningstar Farms veggie burgers (they have wheat and corn) and have been craving a real burger. I also want quick and yummy food since the next two weeks are killer. Sure there are quick vegetarian meals I can make, but I am just not in the mood. Hey, I’m just being honest. You respect that, right Mr. Herc?Now some highlights: Another fiber filled Cascadian Farm granola bar. This time chewy and chocolate-y and keeping the almonds around. I haven’t tried it yet but I will be pairing with a string cheese or extra almonds for more protein.Nature’s Promise (Stop & Shop brand) 99% lean ground turkey; If I buy meat, I make sure it’s natural with no antibiotics or hormones. I want it to be quality and if I can find it, I go for humanely raised meats like Applegate Farms.Another Nature’s Promise product I bought is this here tomato soup. I love my tomato basil soup but now that I need every minute I can spare for studying, this is a great replacement. Not as much fiber as mine, but I’ve tried it before and it is absolutely delicious. Too high in sodium for me, so I will make sure to watch my sodium intake for the day I eat this.I love roasted red potatoes but it’s hard to find good ones around here. I love Birds Eye steam fresh veggie packs (though I never use the actual bag) because since it’s frozen, I don’t waste anything. I usually dump many of the “sauce chips” to minimize sodium. Plus, I’ve recently discovered I like green beans. Win, win!For dinner tonight, I made a turkey burger pattie (used oregano, garlic, black pepper, onion and Adobe) with the green bean/ red potato combo and a sliced orange on the side (for dessert). Super delicious!

Question: If you’re in school, do you have any finals? Or are you finished with school for the sesemester?

If you are done… I HATE YOU! Okay, I’m only joking. But I’m still jealous!


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